When The Children Cry


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What's gonna happen then?laugh
We tell them to shut up or there will be no candy. laugh
Hey, nice seeing buddy. I haven't been here for ages I meet someone but didn't work out.crying tongue
Yea welcome back... I wish it was like before here... but now ts old peoples home and nobody wanna flirt anylonger. lol

I also came back here after failed love. We'll not give up that easily do we now ay' hug
Noce to see u too.
What country was he from?
Nice to see, I misspell all the time, get used to it beer
USA , I think I will just enjoy blogs and forums for a while . I don't see myself talking to someone new. Dang! Why no one wants to flirt anymore?laugh
Sorry, I wasn't able to message you back last time my laziness strike and I already reached the limit that day. I also wasn't able to message back Track that day.laugh
I suspect it won't take very long. You are a good looking woman and you're fun. I believe it won't take long before someone gets your attention conversing
laugh I scammed him then run.
As long as he had a good time, everythings good wine
I don't think he had a good timelaugh
Why? Did you stick it into him dry? conversing
I milked him dry.laugh
So he did have a good time then. Every guy's biggest wish is to be milked dry conversing
laugh I told him I want green card and his cash.laugh
Some guys don't mind paying to be milked, in the cities here, women makes thousands in a day milking guys conversing
like a prostitute?laugh CS deleted my profile and then banned me for a month so I sent them heaps of e-mails. Luckily, they responded and allowed me to make an account.head banger
Ouch lol. You haven't missed anything much, little fun here these days.
Why no fun?drinking
Lot of people like to argue laugh I think cs needs to have a wild anything goes big open orgy every Friday night to lighten up the place a bit conversing
argue about?yawn doh
Politics and religion, what else would one argue about? laugh

I spend more time on Facebook these days, I log in here but not a lot to say.
Same old banana. Well, we can make this blog alive again like before.laugh
This place needs some life laugh

My cousin gave me some blueberry flavor hash today, legal government stamped stuff :) Very tasty and potent enough to knock a elephant on its a** grin
I didn't know you eat other stuff than weedslaugh .
Hash is made from weed laugh
I also eat food too every now and then between the weed and hash conversing
laugh laugh
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