I never owned a dog that needed haircuts...

Terriers, Shepherds, Dalmatians, Chow Chow, mutts... whatever. I never owned a dog that needed haircuts. My mother did. One of her friends had a shit-zoo and connected her with a lady who bred and sold pedigree 'little white dogs' that needed to be groomed at places that charge lots of money. The dog came back with a bow in her hair. Pampering was required. The dog had no desire to fetch a ball, run or do things that normal dogs do. She would just sit in the chair next to my mother and watch TV.

I'm living in a community where the sign on the main gate states NO PET COMMUNITY and security will turn you away if you have a dog in your car. Well, that didn't work. Probably 10% of the residents here have a dog. Some... have 2.
If you get a doctor's note, you can keep a comfort animal that is on file with the condo association.

While walking this morning I passed a resident who was out with his Schnauzer. Leash in one hand and pooper scooper bag in the owner. Fido wasn't well groomed. I guess the owner wasn't concerned about keeping status with his dog.

Years ago, a friend owned a sheepdog who enjoyed jumping in the pool. When he got out and shaked off, water went everywhere. They had his fur/hair trimmed short to solve the problem. That breed is actually skinny under all that mess!
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