Vampires and Werewolves the truth

Vampires and Werewolves are based on a true story.
So how they are portrayed in movies is almost accurate but a twisted version of the origins of Vamps. For example they are cold blooded and have no heart beat. The reason they are cold blooded is beccause they lower their heart beat to almost a standstill rate makes it seem like they have no heart beat. They were masters at lowering their heart beat to the point where the blood flow makes their body go cold majority of the time.

They drink blood, this is very very true but it was not humans or any other flesh animal. NO they drank the blood of Christ, because they had access to the Heaven Realm and its treasures through the blood of Christ, which could only be done with a lowered heart rate and a soul.

They had heightened senses because of the lowered heart rate this allowed ultimate Chi state which enhanced their strength hearing and because they used a magnifying technique to see the Realm of Heaven., naturally they had enhanced sight as well.

Where do werewolves come from? They were children of Heaven who also had the same gifts as their brothers and sisters but used against their own. The were known as wolves they hunted in groups to kill their own. I dont know where the full moon story comes from but I guess its an added fiction to misguide the already blind.

To differentiate between the two vamps and wolves, the vamps NEVER harmed anyone unless they were attacked first EXCEPT agains their own so when the wolves attacked they sat there and let ther family kill them.
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