Because the glove didn't fit, they had to acquit...

OJ Simpson died from cancer this week. All the haters got another chance to bring up how they believed he murdered his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. The pair were stabbed to death outside Brown's condominium the night of June 12, 1994.

Prosecutors thought the gloves found on the scene were among the strongest evidence because DNA tests showed blood on them. In the courtroom, Simpson struggled to get the gloves and his defense attorney Johnnie Cochran, proclaimed “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.” Simpson was ultimately found not guilty.

If O.J. didn't kill Nicole and Ronald... who did??
All the emphasis was targeting O.J. and no one else. It was him or... nothing.

30 years later... was something missed?
I recall reading his son was jealous of Nicole's relationship. He worked in a restaurant as a chef and had access to an assortment of knives. There was a gate to the residence that had to be scaled and O.J. Simpson with many football injuries wasn't capable of getting over the fence, but his young son... probably could.

Sure O.J. acted like a fool trying to evade the police and all the other drama that ensued. Factually, O.J. may not have done it, but it's my opinion, he sure knew who did.

While there was no news of him being in hospice, his death (of prostate cancer) at age 76 came as a surprise. For those who were hoping at some point, he would reveal a fact (before he died) that didn't turn up in the courtroom. A confession didn't happen.
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My then 14 yo old daughter noted that the glove was Not cut in a manner corresponding to the cut on OJ's hand ... ergo, the glove was throw down evidence to frame him.

I was Convinced!! thumbs up

After the trial, legal analysts revealed that prosecutor Marcia Clark stupidly Failed to establish that the glove Was Cut in a manner Exactly consistent with OJ having cut himself - and the glove - while committing the murders.

If my daughter had prosecuted the case, she'd have gotten the conviction and the POS would've Not gotten away with murder.

The glove did fit OJ

The reason why the glove didn't fit the killer in the court room was because he deliberately stopped taking his arthritis pills for his hands which caused his hands to swell when he doesn't take those pills

I saw a segment tonight where he confessed to years later where he did admit to killing them He tried to say self defence I saw him show how he killed them
Merc -
Also ... The glove was stiff with dried blood.
The glove trick was a gimmick of OJ's Legal Dream Team ... And it worked.

While he cannot be tried twice for the same crime, you're saying he admitted in public to the murders and it wasn't plastered all over the news?
Smelled like hype to promote his book. The key word here is "hypothetical"

thumbs up
Could be.
Book promotion would be a motivator for "hypothetically" wink confessing to a crime for which he couldn't be put in doubt jeopardy.

I did enjoy the movie Capricorn One... laugh
The glove trick worked because he wore rubber gloves under the leather glove when he tried the glove on for the jury. Everybody knows leather doesn't slide over rubber.

Embedded image from another site
Am I missing something here.dunno If he HAD worn the gloves wouldn't his D.N.A. be inside them?
The prosecution didn't.
As for the glove, it was soaked in blood..and, leather shrinks when it gets wet and dries...OJ stopped taking his arthritis meds...which caused his hands to swell..the rubber gloves also made it less likely for the gloves to fit...

Have you ever tried to put shoes on a toddler, who does not want to put those shoes on???

It was the best acting job of his career.
Agreed. I've seen his facial expressions while trying on the gloves.
So... 30 years later we are all experts at investigative research.

Why wasn't the DNA brought up in the trial
Why didn't someone ask about the thickness and resistance of the rubber gloves.

I don't remember... was he jailed after the arrest pending trial or out on bail?
Most likely if he were on prescription medication for arthritis, someone would have known he would have issues with swelling. Especially when getting off the medicines, as sometimes there's a worse reaction when you quit taking them.
DNA was fairly new then..It was brought up by experts in the field...but, they made it too complicated...went on and on...and, quite frankly, I think the jury must have been bored to death.

At the onset of the trial, I thought he was innocent...For me, it was the DNA evidence, that made realize he was guilty...He had a very rare DNA...I can’t remember the exact number..but his DNA was one in so many billions...and it was found on Ron Goldman...

No explaining blood of his to get on could be explained away with Nicole’s...

But, even the DNA was put in question..when preservative was found in the DNA in OJ’s socks at Rockingham...made it sound as if it was planted...

It was the early stages of DNA..and, collecting evidence of DNA...

My thoughts about it, the jury wanted a way to acquit him...and his attorney’s gave them reasonable doubt...

I always felt so bad for the Goldman’s...Ron would have been alive, if Nicole’s mother had not left her glasses at the restaurant...and he was such a good person...he personally returned them to Nicole...

OJ thought he would be welcomed back in society with open arms..when he was acquitted..

He was not..
The main point I see with the gloves is they were leather. I know that if leather gets wet, it shrinks. Been there, done that. Just try to get the gloves on without having to re-tan darn near with neatsfoot oil and working them.
I wonder about he showed attitude by going and trying to steal his past property. Like he got away with murder so was above the law. His is one famous death that should just be quietly laid to rest. No big media bull about how great he was. Bad canceled good so ignore him.
During the California murder case of People v. O.J. Simpson, DNA results indicated that blood found on a rear gate at the crime scene belonged to O.J. Simpson and that blood found on socks at Simpson's residence belonged to murder victim Nicole Brown Simpson.

Some people just seem to be able to get away with murder as D.N.A has been around since 1986
Perhaps the most Charitable take on OJ was that he played running back long before NFL concussion protocols were adopted, he'd likely suffered multiple undiagnosed concussions, and was mentally impaired

sad flower

Considering Hernandez (NFL) player who suffered from that disease and had led violent could be considered a contributing factor...although OJ had problems with domestic violence for a good portion of his life...some women were silenced due to a NDA..regarding his abuse...
I think it was about a combination about race (before that was the cops brutal beating of Rodney King and others) and OJ's fame...and of course now we know what concussions can lead to...including domestic violence as a past history...not to mention the LA riots that was an indication of just how people of colour were feeling at the time...some were horrified at the verdict while others celebrated...
I feel sad for the people who died...Goldman and Nicole Brown...sad flower

Note that the condition can only be Positively diagnosed after death.
Perhaps we'll know more in a few weeks or so.

I am sure they will be wanting to test that will be interesting to see the results...if they will conduct the test that is...
Simpson made visitors and family sign NDA's in his final days:

Signing non-disclosure agreements to visit him?

New link:
I spoke to a retired police officer today who said the gloves were planted on the scene.
In court, Simpson was wearing cotton liners and NOT rubber gloves.

Someone have information about this?
Unless that retired police office is Mark.Furman ... How would he Actually Know anything about it?

He gave his Opinion ... He was No better qualified than anyone else to state the Facts of the matter.

Go full screen:
The word LATEX was stated in the first minute of this video.
(Latex is rubber)

Another thought, that due to his physical condition: He was assisted.

A key police witness in the OJ Simpson double-murder case has said the former NFL star paid gangsters from one of history’s most maniacal mafia mobs to slaughter his ex-wife Nicole Brown.

"I didn't do it ... My hired goons did it." ... That is Not a defense.

They were going after a planted glove. The whole case was riding on that.
The defense team knew in order to create doubt...the gloves were important...they did not fit...creating reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury...even though 'the evidence' could be explained away...the die was cast so to speak...
With all that went on in history...negative race relations with the police and within the justice system...the combination was enough to sway the jury...
If the glove was cut consistent with the cut on OJ's finger ... That clinches it.

The cops would've Not known of the cut finger & would've planted an uncut glove.

See my 1st comment above roll eyes

It was a clever idea (if they were planted) because even if for some reason on the day the gloves did fit that would make him one of approximately 1 Billion people who those gloves would fit, proving nothing, not incriminating him. But by being too small it basically cleared him.

Stating the obvious, I know. grin
The cut could have come after taking off the gloves... grin
But I get your point...but the jury had the final say...
The three people that know what happened are dead...
That's the Only Absolute Fact yet stated on this whole blog ...
Here's another ... They ain't sayin' ... snooty

What is truly the last laugh was the ghost writer for the book Simpson (OJ) ended up being used by the Goldman's to finish the book and reap the profits...and the title of the book is "If I Did It" with the smaller lower case "if" in the title that is hardly recognizable...
I am glad that if they make any profit from that book...might be able to pay for something to help them remember both victims...
and... if O.J. really hired a mafioso hitman there could be more who really know what happened there.
Due to the viciousness of the assault...I think it was
Thinking about your suggested probably would have been better to have an execution style murder...and/or taken some of the valuables in the house...dunno
It was a messy scene and I doubt anyone would want to get caught...knowing the location of the attack...but then again...we will never know...sad flower
This is exactly why we need Jon Stewart and the Daily Show.. applause

Personally, I'm excited for the moment in the trial when Trump will drop his pants and say, 'If the glove don't fit, you must acquit'!.. -Josh Johnson. Team OJ

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