IRAN'S retaliation against Israel for the embassy attack, was inevitable. They said they would do something, and they were then obliged to act. But, they knew that their drones and missiles would be shot down. America warned everyone in advance and so Israel etc were prepared. It took about 8 hours for the missiles to reach the appropriate air space, and then strangely enough, some Arab countries joined in to shoot them down. Iran is no doubt not liked in the middle East and perhaps the message has got home.

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It was a strike to appease the radicals and prevent unrest...
The co-ordinates were given...
It is a game...the losers are the ordinary folk...sigh
I wonder what the reaction would have been if all those drones and rockets were aimed at a different country, and if any of them had penetrated air defence systems? Would they have been told to calm down?
The luxury of being far away and oblivious to the reality of the victims...sad flower
How come Israel is considered more important than Ukraine? When missiles are fired at Israel, countries join in to shoot them down, but that doesn't happen over Ukraine. Also, warnings are given to Iran not to create a bad situation in the middle East. No warnings are given to Russia. Is it due to the west and USA being more afraid of Russia than Iran?
it does not happen in ukraine, because US corporations have the contracts to rebuild ukraine, so there is money to be made
I thought I would post this because it will hopefully lighten things up...Peter reminds me of our member Grand...

Enjoy...laugh rolling on the floor laughing
Russia was warned but Putin knows Biden is a wuss and won't do anything about it.
Maybe, because it is the only democracy in the Middle East.
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