Attending a birthday and catching some sun.

Yesterday, I went to my youngest nieces 1 year birthday celebration, so we went to a pretty nice place in Roskilde, right next to the viking ship museum. On the menu was brunch, so I was looking forward to getting some great food and meeting new people, since my sisters fiances family were attending as well. I have only met four of them, so it was nice to meet the rest. The weather was fantastic, but a bit windy. Still - the sun was shining, so it was the perfect time to get some sun in before the meal.

My mother, my aunt, my uncle and I were the first people to arrive, so we had some time to really take in the place we were eating at. I looked at the menu, and some of the dishes were pretty expensive, but they sounded fantastic. One of the menu items was surf 'n' turf, which contained a steak from a corn fed angus cow, spiny lobster, calamari fritti, steak fries, bearnaise sauce and aioli. I am not really fond of lobster, so when I go back, I am getting the item called "steak fries". That menu item is a steak from a corn fed angus, steak fries and bearnaise sauce.


Once inside the restaurant, people started to show up. The first people I said hello to, were my sisters fiances mother and her daughter. The daughter and I got chatting, which was quite nice. New people to get to know is just what I need after seeing the same people for a few months.

Food was served, and we found our seats. The sheer amount of food was simply overwhelming. It's been a while since I had been at a brunch, so I was not sure if there were any rules, or if it was a "fill your plate and eat" type of situation. I looked around and noticed people went for the "fill your plate and eat" type of deal, so I made my way to the food.

One of the items were peaking my interest: Triangle toast, fried in butter with cream cheese in the middle. On the table were other items such as three types of eggs: Fried, hard boiled and scrambled. Bacon, warm liver paté with bacon and mushrooms, five types of bread, cold meats, three types of cheese, fruit, vegetables, chicken wings, pancakes, croissants, pastries and sausages.

Sides included butter, syrup, jam and nutella. The drinks on offer were orange juice, apple juice, chocolate milk, coffee, tea and sparkling water

So much to pick from that I didn't know where to start. I started with some bread, liver paté and a pancake with nutella on. My drink of choice was chocolate milk and orange juice. I don't do coffee or tea.

As the morning slowly drifted by, the food started to fill me up. By then, it was time for cake. They had bought a fantastic looking cake from a local bakery, and it was simply divine. Not too sweet, which was perfect after an hour of eating.

A short while later, it was time to leave again. I made my way over to the first people I talked to at the start of the day and held out my hand in a hand shake to say goodbye, because I'm a gentleman and I shake hands with people that I have just met. Setting a good example, you know.

It was a fun day, and I even got to do a bit of car spotting. Behind the truly massive and impressive looking Roskilde Cathedral, I had my first ever Aston Martin DB5 spot. It was parked next to a bright blue Porsche Taycan, a 1972 Mercedes-Benz SL350 and a Caterham Seven 310R. As a car guy, it was fantastic to see three types of cars parked next to each other.

And before you ask about what happened between me and the daughter I spoke to, she was there with her boyfriend. Do I hope to meet her again? Absolutely. She's family now, in some way. Family is always good
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You always have an impeccable blog. Keep up the good work.wave
Dang you ARE a car guy. Impressive. You’re probably better looking than her boyfriend though and a better conversationalist since you’re a gemini. conversing
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