Jury selection...

Currently they are having jury selection for Trump's hush money trial. 7 jurors were selected and I passed a TV showing one was removed. They need 6 more and 6 alternates.
I haven't been selected for jury duty in more than 40 years and yesterday I was thinking "What are the possibilities to get into the selection pool?"
That would be awesome to fly to New York City today and first thing tomorrow morning catch someone who looks like me... offer him cash to borrow his identification and get into the room for jury selection.
That's less than 5% probability to get that far... Okay, less than 3%

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You can’t be impartial Chat....that’s quite obvious.
It won't be me...
Vito Roscuttio will be juror number eleven. laugh
I think it would be difficult to find a jury that has not heard, seen or read anything about Trump and others affiliated with him...laugh
So it might be a tad bit difficult accomplishing the task of selecting people who are impartial...
I can imagine how hard it would be to endure the endless hours of listening to testimony/arguments and trying to stay awake...yawn
I hear that someone tried to subpoena Stormy regarding the documentary that just came out...lol... hmmm
I thought Trix were for kids... bunny
We eventually got rif of the jury system here,
it was found they be too dumb ... professor
Yes, that would be really difficult to find a NewYorker who doesn't know Trump in one way or another.
I was out on appointments today and didn't book a flight to NY... even if it was to witness the action.

All 12 jurors have been selected including one alternate.
My chances have dropped to 0.001% chance.
I'll probably do better with a few lottery tickets.
The current jackpot is $178,000,000.
I read that the defense council are trawling through pages of media accounts to see if any prospective juror has ever posted anything derogatory regarding Trump.

At least the Defense Council is earning their exorbitant salaries.

I guess our Scandinavian friend will say it’s fake news. (It’s not).
I am surprised that they managed to come up with the amount of jurors so quickly...but naturally they are going to sift through endless trails to ensure no juror has engaged in any negative media posting regarding Trump...I can imagine Trump will pull a tantrum and accuse the trial being rigged...laugh

In the mean time, he violated his gag order a few times.
I can understand why the judge is allowing this...
A night or two in jail would only delay the case.
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