Changing someones opinion... in CS

Have you noticed that changing someones opinion in CS doesn't happen? Especially in politics. What you believe is what you believe and NOTHING factual posted here will make you change your mind.

I'll give some examples:
The 2020 election. It's been disputed (by the same small percentage) but no evidence came up to change it.

The Biden family is the most corrupt group in America. Right? This usually comes up when the talk is about Trump court cases. Yet, they haven't found any dirt on Biden needed to get a vote to start the impeachment process. That doesn't stop those who repeat him being the worst president in the US and the most corrupt.

Fake news... usually the ones who parrot that phrase listen to the news service of Fox who was sued by Dominion Voting Systems (and lost) in a settlement of $787 million.

The earth is flat. Yeah, it's all done by holograms.

Believing the posts on TRUTH social from it's creator, who was banned from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for making UNTRUE statements.

Denial of air pollution and climate change because in winter you had two feet of snow in your city. Let's discuss this in direct sunlight. Your place or mine?

America needs to start using sludge / tar oil from The Keystone XL Pipeline. Shall we because it's raising our gasoline prices. I guess, that hasn't been disputed enough on CS.

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from my experience the media is not factual, and most people realize there is no politician to save you. there is no point of arguing over politics, as it is all an illusion , propaganda for the political parties.
I have one fact for you Chat:
is 100% worked against in norwegian press.
We have no Fox here u see.
How do you explain such a bias?

The man is a perverted dangerous satan with the worst morals you can find.

That would be a fact judging by what I hear here in our main stream media.
Actually...all you need to do is ask New York residents and the businesses out there to get an idea of who Trump is...laugh
New Yorkers knew for years what type of person he is...
No news media coverage
Hi chat,

I don't come on here to change anyone's opinion ,but some people don't see it that way when I comment on any given post to do with political issues.

I'm told I'm argumentative or thick or believe in the media ,you name it some people have got a label for anything if it goes against their own political viewpoint.

Does this bother me ? No of course not as to my way of thinking if you have to try to belittle someone to get your own point across you've already lost my interest and sometimes respect..handshake
Media has their own agenda.

Politics is NOT an illusion. Sorry you feel that way.
Entire countries have been controlled over politics/propaganda.
It's not possible for Grand to see anything negative about Trump.
GS, I understand your point of view and sorry many here don't understand that.

Keep up the good work !!

thumbs up
It's probably due to most Democrats being far too intelligent to start supporting the defunct Republican party, while those who are part of the Trump cult find it impossible to realise they have been lied to and manipulated due to a severe lack of intelligence. Just my opinion, not based on any actual facts.
It's not about changing someone else's opinion.

It's about developing your own.

You progress little if you only spend time with people who agree with your every word, or you theirs because no new information is introduced.

When people challenge you, no matter how reasoned, or ridiculous, it inspires you to research and to well-thought presentation of a counter-argument.

Although once in a while, someone may present an argument so accurate and persuasive that there is a dramatic shift in your perspective.

That can be an exquisite experience.
Media and politics dance to their puppeteers.

The illusion is in believing that the politician you voted into power, or the party he / she represents, will be working in your interests and will make necessary changes. One continues to vote because the promises made are more favourable than the promises made by the alternatives, but no longer believes they will be kept. Plus ca change, plus c'est la même chose.
Having my mind changed - or suddenly seeing something in a completely different light - is the reason I read the blogs. Doesn't happen often but yup, what a rush! That "wow, I didn't realise!" is awesome.
“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”
? Aldous Huxley

I don't mind being challenged but I do object to being insulted because my response is not what they want to hear.

Other than that I'm always open to persuasion and a possible change of thought.grin
Name calling, or being told you lack intelligence is not a challenge to your argument, or opinion.

It's most frequently an act of frustration. hmmm
Thanks Jac never thought of that.laugh
I see what you did there. giggle
Whoever occupies your oval office making decisions for America affects my country too

America's allies have had men die helping America when it comes to wars

People on here carry on like America fight wars all on their lonesome I'm yet to see any American on this site give thanks to America's allies.

I have my own opinion on topic's My opinions aren't to change anyones mind
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