But each day, when she walks to the sea...

But each day, when she walks to the sea, She looks straight ahead, not at he...
Lyrics from the song The Girl From Ipanema, a 1960's Brazilian Bossa Nova international hit.

It's in the song list of music I'm learning, for an upcoming gig. Rehearsals at a rate of 2 per week puts me in a pinch, as it's not enough time to comfortably learn all the arrangements and play more than one set as a trio. My cousin will duo with the guitarist and do the other 2 sets without me. No choice. it's agreed. The venue is a open bar at a restaurant and the management only wanted a duo to play low-volume anyway. I'll be introduced as a guest musician and play a few songs. We are bumping the regular entertainment... a woman who sings to pre-recorded music.

At this point, I'm expecting to carry on my day job working 2 large projects and 1 small one already on the books. I asked for a short break from sales for a few months. That didn't go as planned, three new sales leads are on my calendar.

I'll make it happen... I always do.

Brazilian jazz singer, Astrud Gilberto, 1940 to 2023 died at the age of 83.
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That is an old song Lol I still play it.beer
Fantastic song... thanks for your comment!
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