Interminable Search

Still searching for her
Wherever I go, every breath I take
I hardly dare
To stop and give it a break
Never forget, neither forsake!

Someday I'll find her
Wherever it'll be, whatever to do
My deepest to bare
To my one, only and true
Maybe she, who I need, is You...


© by me ;)
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klingt einbisschen traurig, was du gechrieben hast..sei nur geduldig! du siehst ja vertrauenswuerdig und witzig aus. Ich bin sicher, dass du bestimmt bald deine prinzess finden wirst. also..entschuldigung, dass ich hier deutsch angewandt habe. kann ich vielleicht etwas deutsch von dir lernen? :P
anyway...herzlichen willkommen bei cs. viel glueck fuer deine suche! handshake
yan, when did you learn German? Once i learnt French myself. But i found it difficult and i didnt have time, mood and determination to learn it. and give it up for ever.dunno
Klingt ein bisschen verzweifelt. Es gibt ein sprichwort das sagt, je mehr Du suchst desto mehr entfernt es sich! Viel glueck wine
oh, I'm not too sad about that. indeed it's the first time ever that I really start searching. Anyway, I believe that I'll meet her, once the time has come. Nothing to worry about... wink
I just like to write, and I think that a poem with such a topic should be that emotional. roll eyes

Indeed, it isn't that sad, cause it contains much of hope. In my opinion the 1. stanza expresses negative feelings and the 2. one positive.

Maybe that happened after some time, when she had started studying it. Not the best language to study - I might add... laugh
Too much irregular forms, etc. and doesn't sound that good as well (my opinion).

I prefer writing in English right here. But if you want to, then I can post another poem - this time a german one. then u can discuss its different meanings and the social criticism in it.

But beware! That one contains a really dark mood... uh oh grin
Oh yes, bitte! If it doesn't bother, post another German blog (whatever it will be as long as it ain't a poem..) laugh freut mich sehr sehr, dich kennenzulernen. Doch weiss ich, dass mein Deutsch noch schlecht ist. grin Eigentlich habe ich frueher einige deutsche Blogs gepost (laugh not sure if there is a "posten" in German), leider habe ich kaum keinen Kommentar bekommen... moping Auf der anderer Seite bist du Studen wie ich, was habe ich hier vorher noch nicht gefunden, einen so jungen deutschen Student der auch aktiv im Blog startet herauszufinden. Schoene Chance, ich bin begeistert! Aber ich weiss nicht, wie du das meinst. help Uebrigens, wieso ist dein Englisch auch so gut? Sorry, ob ich dich zu viel gestoert hast? uh oh

Hi Jan, I started learning German 2 years ago as my major. So I cannot give it up anyways however difficult I find it now. lol... I have more time learning it than any other subjects, so much time that it almost makes me puke... barf I don't have the mood sometimes but I have determination to master it before graduation. Contrary to most people's appetite, I didn't choose to learn the popular French but the grammartically difficult and strict German. I don't know why exactly? Just all the German things interest me greatly. Sometimes I think I am crazy, and like how Bardawulf said, it's not the best language to learn. But since I have chosed it, there's no way back, I have to stick it's not a surprise though, one of my friends who majors in German has also enrolled in French, Japanese courses, and she decided to learn Italian, Spanish and Latin in the near future. She must be possessed by the devil? devil Yet I think languages can also make beautiful music.. angel

By the way, what does Bardawulf mean?
I dont understand german at all....but thought ur poem was nice...dancing
hehe..smitten, this poem itself has nothing to do with german.
no i no, poem isnt german, but it seemed thats what the blog ended up being......dunno
Oh really? But I suppose it'll end up in English? in between. If you want to join and make it a German ending, feel free to... :)
Guess, she surely meant that which was written in the comments.

I tried to correct the following quotes of what u've written in order to help u a bit lerning german. wink

Euhhm, i don't exactly know what you are talking about... (Du weißt nicht, wie ich was meine?)

Hmm, I'd bet, for the same reason as yours is. I learned it at school and it was one of my mayor subjects at school as I graduated(and better than the rest as well -_-*).

Nope, you didn't. That's what a blog is for, isn't it? smile

At first I didn't want to blog anything. Because there is a forum for discussions and mail system for private stuff, I don't really see much sense in blogs (on this site, at least). I only uploaded that poem, because it fits somehow to this site. I just didn't want to add it to my profile, cause there's alredy (too) much text (compared to alot other profiles i've had a look at, so far). grin
Anyway, I don't really know, what I should write about. And if it's something I want to discuss, then I'd prefer English again, that more people are able to take part in the discussion.

I was about to use the blog as my "creative junkyard"... laugh
If I'll find somehing, that I'd like to discuss, I'll try to post it bilingual.

Pheww, hard to find any good german music... I don't really like that pop- and casting-show-sh*t. Sadly there's too much of that. frustrated

I'm not sure about the meaning of 'Bardawulf'. As I was searching for a new nick once, I found a site listing alot. I chose that one, because I liked it.
Searching for the meaning led to different expressions, but on most of the sites you find the meaning: ax-wolf.

Funnily enough I just found another one, where I read that it's supposed to be an old german name.
BARDAWULF: Old German equivalent of Anglo-Saxon Bertulf, meaning "bright wolf." confused

Whatever it means... I like that name. grin
Yeah, I sure know what she means, I was just teasing her...
Oh THANK YOU VERY MUCH for picking out sooo many mistakes from my German, what a dead strike! laugh See? My German is so hopeless and my English is even going downhill. frustrated Just kidding, I appreciate your correction and it makes me more intent on studying hard now. thumbs up
Ok, it depends on you to blog or not, I was only saying and having a small chat with you. :) But blog is more interesting than forums to me. It differs from people to people. Best of luck to you. wave
hell no! your german is so much better than... e.g. the english of the scammers around here. wink
And the more u read and write, the sooner u improve!

Hey, I still got 2 short-stories (about 1000 characters each) lying around, which I once wrote for a "science-fiction creative contest".

I'll send u one later (when i've got some time and am in the right mood to look for it).
If u got questions, cause u don't understand anything, then feel yourself free to ask, or maybe better use an online dictionary (is faster)

this here is my most favorite one, because there are alot languages supported:
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