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its really a very very difficult issue to find a soulmate or true love online,but hope keeps people trying more&more hopefully to find some one suitable,i read sucess stories&was really happy that mericles can still exist,i wish goodluck for all.peace
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Thank you, same to you...
But I really admire your patience in seeking tirelessly since you have realized it's very difficult to find a soulmate online.
thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up
it's next to impossible i would say but hell i have done the impossible before .rolling on the floor laughing
i thought the prophet had told u all the truth already confused
Patient wave hope you have good luck someday peace cheering
yupperzzz found my soulmate here, its wonderful, my story is, love can happen when u least expect it and where u least expect 2 find it.....and dont go looking, let it totally find you and until then have funzzzzzzz.....bouquet
''i thought the prophet had told u all the truth already''

excellent answer , hahahaha really nice
i get really annoyed when these cleric brigade types with their phrases of 'truth' and 'justice' and 'god' start their shit. even on a goddamm dating site.
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