Seeking Honesty

seems pretty simple but I have not been able to obtain this in over 7 years. I go on these dating sites to meet people and connect with them off line. It really never gets that far. People message me and they email me. I try to be open to conversation to have a good experience.

What I get is the person making things up to basically get me to believe they are sincere. I have been on many sites and I have been approached online as something other than looking for a real date. A lot of people with play you out to see how far you will go online. I am not one for sex web cams and when they find out they leave. For some reason information that they made up meaning they hard hiding their true purpose. I spend aolt of my time weeding out the false guys that just want to mess with you one line to the guys that have theose stalker insecure issues and show up in your neighborhood. They state they are in Colorado while they are down the street waiting for you to come outside to react. ( werid) A lot of they can't handle the truth. I tell people up front the truth and it's like they do not like honesty. Well we have over 10% unemployment here and I spend most of my time online filling out applications. In these times that are rough for a lot of us on here I do not pretend that I am someone I am not and I try to stay with the topic at hand, ME. SO I guess if you not one that can handle the truth and be honest in a relationship it must mean I wasted my time cause I believe in true friendship not one you pay for with a credit card of popularity.
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everyone seeks truth but not everyone likes what they find we view truth to be something pure and beautiful and sometimes it is but a lot of times it's an ugly rusted blade that can cut deep .
its not easy to find people who aren't trying to get you in bed keep trying youl find that honest person maby when you least expect it
Two words :

bad choices
Wow Adam! "an ugly rusted blade that can cut deep" - You see, I urge you to write more please. Am your taco fan, but seriously, I think you should write more as you seem to have a flow of genuine thougths that must be penned down.

Juliet -

Come on. It's not something new that happens. It's like a universal truth these days. So I think now that you have managed to identify the time-wasters, you are much more equipped to find the right ones. NO?
There are honest people out there. Sometimes it takes a very long time to weed them out. It doesn't not take long to figure out someone is not on the up and up. If you are perceptive at all and trust your "gut" instinct that something just isn't quite right - it's not right and move on. In the meantime, find another outlet to focus on while you are looking for someone special. No one likes negative attitudes and don't want to hear from the jump that "no one out there is honest." It is offensive to those who may be truly honest, but you have just turned them off. It's hard to say without knowing your specific experiences. Just a thought.
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