Illusionary and imperfect world

We are living in an illusionary and imperfect world, this world is like a training ground for conscience to develop, to gain a conscious experience, to prepare for a existence beyond. (Illusionary, because today’s science provides evidence that a atom which everything is made out of, is a empty space)...Beyond time and space, God the almighty is the infinite power...There's more to life other then our five senses.
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Interesting. Also, please shed some more light on the existence beyond.
..yeah, and I see Adam392 do his share to expand the universe and senses, right ?;)
Speak for yourself,Adam!
Sounds like Adam and Atom have a lot in common.
I agree with you, Adam. Have you read Gregg Braden's Fractal Time? Also Arnold Patent? Great books!

The only thing I would have some non resonance with in your blog is the word God. So many people have such a lot of baggage and weird ideas attached to that word. I think of God as The Infinite, pure energy potential, consciousness. I do not think "God" has any power. I know that's going to throw everyone for a loop on here. But by power, I mean that angular egoic power that creates from will, not power as in pure energy, like electricity.
To shed some more light on existence beyond, your conscience, imagination, and experience has and will have connection with the existence beyond. now you can think about all that.
To venusruled...I know there are a lot of writing about that subject, but in the end you have to make up your mind, and also using God word...I thought about that before, but how you describe that concept?? that puzzled human for so long any where in the planet.
to Venusruled...may be you right..The Infinite, pure energy potential...people get confused
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