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I have been reading blogs for years on different sites and it seems like the same ole same ole. I try to find other things to write about not an easy task when there are 654,000 other people online. I am not one for this "LOL WTF TNX" stuff. I am more with sticking with the English language. How smart do I have to be to get any where on a dating site. I find out I read the emails wrong or I do not get the message at all. Reading between the lines as I use to write long ago. One word with double meaning and not joking but straight sarcasm. I am not one to show up somewhere uninvited and unwelcome.I figure this site is pretty cool with a lot of things to do on it and it's free. Weeding through the bs and spam is just normal. I get a lot of people from yahoo. I left yahoo and I do not want to deal with yahoo ever again. But that message in 6 years of blogging on the internet just did not reach that 654,000 internet user. I am one for a good joke a great laugh and smart thinking. I am just tired of the facebook way of life for I left face book for good.I am the one against the copy and paste generation and strong beliefs against plagiarism I feel I am just one of those people whom joined a a site and want to enjoy it. I know there are mean people on here just like the other sites and that's what the block button is for. But, when people write one thing and mean an other it's like I have between the lines. I perfer direct writing in letters so there is no miss-communication or reverse psychology. ( no shrinks thanks)
Good or bad these are my words out of my head and I came up with them all by my lil ole self. Amazing aint it?
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I have never been good at writing or expressing myself through pen or keyboard.

So I keep it short, sharp and simple.

Not much -- but its mine.
i like that say what you mean and mean what you say . i hope nobody expects me to read between the lines unless its written like this
hi how are you today ?

rolling on the floor laughing
I agree. There's a lack of originality and proper interesting conversation these days.
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