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okay, i'm all about positive thinking, but we all have down fallz, and bad habits..mine is, honestly, hate it, but i sometimes swallow my gum, no i lied all the time..doh and i do all the time...doh thinking i'm not the only one with a bad habit...grin

ok i also, will only buy something in bulk if its an even number, ie) i need 3 boxes of kleenex but will only buy 2 or 4...never odd #...doh i know...but thinking i'm not alone with silly bad habits....

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i get distracted really easy i forget important things all the time i leave the toilet seat up i have been known to fall asleep in the middle of a conversation i joke around too much i sometimes burn food i like to experiment when cooking and sometimes it turns out so nasty the dogs won't touch it i say things without thinking i snore i talk in my sleep i have a twitch in my leg again i have smelly farts sometimes i get lost in conversation a lot i forget to wipe my feet before coming inside my feet stink sometimes
the list goes on but honestly i'm tired of writing super sorry good blog smitten .
rolling on the floor laughing u know wat adam, u r 2 sweet....teddybear really, and pretty kool....u made me laugh and feel like i'm not alone...dancing cool dancing we normal pplzz..grin
[email protected] farts are pretty smelly 2....barf but I always say, girls dont fart, they fluff...rolling on the floor laughing
Im a terrible finger chewer. And no hope of ever having good nails.

And frowning.

And smoking. That is one habit that has to go.
The first thing I notice about a man is his butt. If it is nice, can't help but look laugh
analie..totally agree with the nailbiting..yes..yes..yes..i even get gel nails to prevent...but they gone in 24 hrs too..doh and smoking..yes..yes...some habits not meant to be broken...dunno

one 54...yes and yes and yes...nice buttocks in jeans, dont think thats a bad habit, thinking its a breathing...grin
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