Searching for love

I have an opinion.

I accept that a blog post is an opportunity to stand on a virtual soapbox and postulate on whatever you attach any significance to at that point in your life.

This is my first attempt at one and I'm going to use this opportunity to speak on a topic that is near to the heart of many listed on this site.

Why is it so difficult to find the right person to love?

Firstly, people look in the wrong places for it. This is not intended as a slight on the good work that platforms like this represents. To prove that this is not my intention I will say that opportunities for love exist at every point that humans interact.All I am saying is let this not be the only place.

Secondly,what are the expectations of people looking for love? Often we are dishonest with what we expect our suitors to look like, earn like, own like, dress like etc. Most advertisements say that we are looking for kind, honest, committed people. If this were the only criteria I will guarantee you that in your village, place of employment or even the closest busstop there are many, many viable candidates. If truth be known we are more base in our desires. Blame it on evolution or survivalist tendencies. Reconsider what it is you really, really want. Chances are you are looking for warmth and acceptance, a place where you can grow emotionally and spiritually. Look through different eyes.

Third, we are still trapped by childhood fantacies of the ideal partner. The blonde bombshell syndrome. Beauty is to be found in many forms. I will go so far as to say that beauty is found in every physical form. It is often only when we perceive what lies beyond the physical that we experience a lack of beauty.

Fourth, we don't believe in our own beauty and worth. Pause for a moment and consider your most attractive qualities. Don't believe the malicious judgements passed on you over the course of your life. You are beautiful. You are beautiful to someone in this universe ... but only when you become beautiful to yourself again.

Fifth, there is no hurry. Enjoy every moment of single living for what it is - an opportunity to know and love yourself. You might never get this opportunity for a very long time again.

Sixth, prepare for your coming love. Prepare the kind of emotional and spiritual home that you will invite that lover into. Chances are that it is not ready yet. When he or she comes will their spiritual and emotional appetite (and s*xual) be satisfied? Prepare for your coming love.

Seventh, always listen to the heart. It never lies. It tells you all the truth you need to know. Is the person kind and good and tender? These are the heart's questions.

This is my opinion.
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applause Well said! I really hope people read this and pause a moment and take it in. applause
Mr. FMeadow, that was beautiful! I agree with you wholeheartedly on every point you made. If everyone could read those words and live them, there would not be one lonely person left on the planet, regardless of whether they are in a relationship or not.

It is all about realizing that we ARE love. We remember it is within us first and then, if we choose, we magnetize love to us in the form of a relationship with a partner.

Some magnetize the reflection of the love they radiate from within, in different ways than by being in relationship with one person. Love shows up in all kinds of ways! All perfectly amazing and awesome! heart wings
Thanks Ms Amorbelo & Ms Venusruled.

Very well said, indeed. With those ideas in your heart I dont think you will take too long to attract a mate. Good luck! cheers
You are correct about the purpose of blogs; they are for us to postulate on anything we want to.

As for love... I think everyone defines it differently. I have only been in love once in my life and it "happened" to me. I didn't go looking for it. Somehow I think that's the only way it will work for me again.
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