i finished with a guy a a month ago,but he told me he couldnt go on not because of me ,he wated to write me a letter to tell me why,im still waitin for it but feel hes pullin me back in again,i still care for him even though it didnt work.hes got a lot of demons from the past.He told me i will always b in his heart,now he wont answer my mails or texts askin me how he is?as the last one i wished him well and to b happy,he replied HAPPY?U GOT A B KIDDING?...now hes not talkin 2 me?i need 2 let him go for good but cant now.......ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhelp dunno confused frustrated
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Move On Up... comfort

If it never worked & you finished with him, then it is something he needs to deal with, and you are better off having no contact with him. I'm pretty sure we all have met people who we thought things would work out great, but then, for whatever reason, we change our minds and you learn to move on, it is just another part of life, however when we do meet that person who is prefect for us, it means the search has been worthwhile.. yay
I know this is difficult, honey, when you have cared for somebody and still do, but it's not actually your responsibility to look after him.

Don't forget that at the time he wrote, 'HAPPY? U GOTTA B KIDDING?' he was angry and upset.

Whether he intended to, or not, by telling you he couldn't go on and then not telling you why, he has manipulated you. I expect this has made you feel very worried for him.

The fact that he has now stopped communicating with you will further make you fret for his welfare.

BUT...he may need to be away from contact with you in order to move on, so just accept that this is what he needs to do, you have no control over it, you are not responsible for it.

Allow yourself to move on, too.

You're obviously a very kind and caring person and I doubt that you have done anything, but your best. You can't help somebody who doesn't want your help and you can't look after anybody unless you look after yourself, because unless you look after yourself, you will have nothing left to give.

Jac xxx
Could be he likes you-but sounds like hes toying with your emotions,and you are addicted to the adrenalin rushes.
You could way things up and decide if he is really good for you-is he improving your life,or just making it full of drama?
Are you bored?lonely?Does he make you feel more together and strong?Or are you falling into something against your better judgement?
Know what you are doing,and make definite decisions how you will continue,in order to feel strong in yourself.
THANKU SUCH MUCH FOR ALL YER GR8 ADVICE....IT HELPS.teddybear teddybear teddybear
totally agree with jac's..cheers but will add, hard as it is, you sound desperate, think ur less than, cant do better, if this wat u call love....dunno settling....dunno it's ur life u make ur own choices, no blame to others....but sorryzzz... i see a sad soul that is desperate to hold on to a.....confused uhmmmmmmm....not a very nice guy...u derseve better....totally...teddybear but hey, its ur life...cheers
do need to say, question, when u responded and said thanks, to ur GR 8 advice....i am candaian so a wittle slow, wat does that mean exactly...confused cuz if i like it, may use it in the future or not....cool
ok..i am slow...my babe, daughther, sorta explained it..lol...doh
if it didn't work wish him well and move on he should do the same . we each control our own destiny .
this is exactly what i did,and i got back "happy? ur kiddin me ?""but I have let go...its been a month...Im out..
then don't stress about it relax play some halo 3 .rolling on the floor laughing
rolling on the floor laughing adam...rolling on the floor laughing my ex-husband hated me for that...rolling on the floor laughing
Hello??? snap out of it!!! if your "finished with the guy" as you say stop contacting him dunno
Your ex is playing standard luring games,
I guess it will happen to any of us!

I cant say anything for sure, I Honestly dont know what to do myself!!

Good luck to you!
Feels like you've picked up some of his demons and are obsessed. Let them go and let him go, surrender! No respond is a clear "no" and counts as a whole sentence. Trust that the universe has something better for you in store! wine
smitten plays halo 3 ???????wow
All what he said and doing now is crap. Nothing else. Please realise and move on. You have a good heart as you are still giving him benefit of doubt when there is none.

Some things are not said. They are implied. He implied you have no significance in his time and attention. Sorry If I sound blunt. But this is what I could conclude. Please move one and try to forget him.
I really think you are playing games by keeping in contact with him. I also think you are guageing his level of pain as a means of a determining how much he really loved you.
I was dumped last November but she still texted and called me on occasion. She said she still wanted to be "my friend" but it seemed to me she was always trying to find out how I really felt.
One of my friends asked me was I also going to be friends with her new boyfriend? I said Hell No.
I decided then that I would no longer play the game of grieving abandoned boyfriend and terminated all contact. I feel much better that I have drawn a line in the sand and that I am no longer allowing myself to be used by an ex lover to validate their own desirability
max and glen...very well said...cheers and yes, adam, play Halo 3, why do u think im divorced...rolling on the floor laughing
Emotional Blackmail moping

Sounds like you had a fatal attraction on your hands .

If you stay around that energy long enough
the demons rub off on you and you dont
want that .very mad

I had a girl threaten me saying she would
commit suicide if I left her .

Its a mind game they dont ever mean it
and although it seems kinda cruel
the best thing to do is ignore
them and they eventually stop .

Only ever happened me one time .

I"m a bit more careful now

oh hell smitten divorce wasn't the answer another 360 and a lan cable would be . what better way to solve marital problems than a no holds barred cage match with plasma weapons ? do you and hellraiser tear it up online ?
@ adam, ok now y didnt i think of that...doh and hell, he's learning, teaching him everything i know...boxing ...rolling on the floor laughing
send him a nappy and tell him to grow up....
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