It's about time !

Time. It seems that there is nothing we can do about it.
Seconds, minutes, weeks, months, years, and decades all seem to
elapse and vanish forever right before our eyes.
Oh sure, in movies there are time machines that allow us
to step into some magical portal as a gateway to other times.
But, that is pure fantasy, which is never going to happen. crying
Damn, there goes my dates with Athena, Helen of Troy and Pocohontas. laugh

Then, there is Einstein's theory of relativity, where time,
mass, and energy are interrelated. This has inspired some
to postulate, that if we could somehow travel faster than the speed of light, that we could travel back in time. Wrong ! It might appear so, if we moved in the direction further away from earth, but time would still march forward. It would just appear that way, as the light catches back up with us and even then, you would need a very powerful telescope to witness this. If you traveled faster than the speed of light to the same place where you began, time would still have elapsed (albeit a very small amount of it).

Time & time again, you cannot cheat time ! scold
Face it, time is our only unreplenishable resource. No matter how rich you may be, you simply cannot buy more of it. scold OK, you might be able to buy a bunch of timeshares in Hawaii, the Riveria, and Fiji. But, could you spend all your time there ? confused

Oh hell, why not ! applause
Lets pack our bags & enjoy the trip ! cheers
And I am not packing a watch ! tongue

peace teddybear

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Great job you two guys! Thanks for getting me all emotional - it has been a while blues
do not waste is the stuff life is made of....

just stopped by to say hi jimwave
Respectfully, I think you are wrong about Einstein and time travel.... handshake beer
NOT in the United States !

There they can make more time !
You can here some talk about "doing time", and the government have sentenced people to 450 years in jail. The government ain't that stupid.
time dictates our life...the day we are born is the day we start to die....i know sounds morbid...but when u think about......time is everything, sometimes unfortunately......teddybear
I respectfully disagree Smitten. The day we are born is more like the day we start to live. The day we give up on life, r the day we stop taking care of our health, is the day we start to die. sad flower

2maybe - Actually, that is to prevent serious offenders from getting out due to time off for good behavior.

Drea - you are welcome to disagree, but please explain the basis of the disagreement.

Phoenix - Time disappears at the same rate, whether we "waste" it or not. I suggest enjoying it, however, you see fit. peace

Angel - here's another one related to the blog topic

Adam - thanks
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