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Religion is about people fighting each other to find out who has the best imaginary friend... handshake
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No. No. It is about grabbing power and people's money.
P.S. I'll be expecting a financial offering, since I blessed your blog with my comment. laugh
Amrita! I love it! Tee hee hee. Jac xxx

PS. My daughter likes it too laugh she said very valid point.
Religion is very often an excuse for bad behavior. comfort
Religion is for the mentally insane...You have to be to believe there is a magical man in the sky, that already told us he exists, but still goes all out to hide his self from us. confused
i am religious altho i'm insane i haven't hurt anyone . tongue
Hiding? Look around. rose rose rose
Stop it!!! I am GOD! laugh

Very well stated. Enjoyed it very much.

I am not mentally insane...however I am religious.
I am not insane, but my invisible pet ostrich Gerald disagrees!

Although we BOTH thing that jac379 is lush!
Religion and God are two different things.
You can be religious but to see God you need a clean/pure heart. Matthew 5.8 in the New Testament of the Bible or just know Jesus Christ.
of course, organized religion and spiritual believe - it is two different things...
Organized religon is a joke..I'm a christian but I don't consider myself religious at all. Besides, you can tell when someone is really serious about their beliefs - they don't feel the need to squabble over it like children.
Using sarcasm as a tool to hide your ignorance!very mad barf
professor TWAT!
the guy above me - NOT you Amrita. - lolol

I personally can understand why people worshipped the sun, or lightning. It was inexplicable, wild and mysterious to our ancestors.

But the bible, is simply ripped from earlier faiths. Even church theologians agree on this as there is physical proof. They accept, and even TEACH, that the bible is a wildly innacurate histyr, that it is mostly parable and allegory. Not literal fact!

Look - be nice, don't act like a **** to those around you. End Of!

You want to call that being a christian, mormon, jew, buddhist, muslim or moonie. Then fine by me. Just live a good life.

The only difference is, you won't see ME killing your neighbours because of some badly translated fables.
Hey Amritha, Religion is not about fighting or power struggle, Killing people etc. A proper religion is a teaching for all human beigns to understand life and how to be a useful person in life. Unfortunately today most of the people seems to get this wrong. They believe that the religion is a licence to kill spread hatered and to kill people those who disagree with such stupid theories. Some think it is a way of finding or rather getting money (easy money). A proper educated person with a good understanding of a religion will not act insane and will not believe he or she is god.

Think about it people , change ur mind set and try to be peaceful citizens in this world in your short life.heart1 heart beating comfort kiss
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