I think I've developed a crush. blushing

There's this girl that gets on the bus I catch occasionally and she seems very friendly and helpful (she's definitely kind and courteous), is reasonably attractive and gets off at the same stop.

I'm not sure, but she may been trying to draw my attention the first occasion I saw her.

Most importantly I get a good vibe about her. Sometimes I get a 'vibe' about a person, and It's yet to be wrong. One of these people in the past turned into one of my strongest friends, one was for a time my girlfriend, and two others (who I had BAD vibes about) turned out to be weirdos (confirmed by other friends).

...Now if I can just ditch these darned nerves and say hi! frustrated
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you have some empathy use it sir its telling you something do not fear talking to her you will miss out on somrthing special and if she dont want to see you well hell lest you tryd no man can feel bad about that, i say go for it i bet she will turn out just fine!beer
definately take a chance and talk to her cheering cheering
I am the last person in the world to be giving out advice about nerves -- I know how they can get to you.

Perhaps she may be the same and is hoping you make the first move.

You do not want to die wondering, do you? Good luck.
Gee, just do it! You want to end up always pondering over what have could been? Life's too short to miss out on anything and even if it's not working out you've practiced to do the first step and it will become easier and easier. Have some courage and trust in yourself.
Try this: "Pardon me, but have we met somewhere before, or is it just that we ride this same bus?"
m getting a 'vibe' that u gonna make an a** of urself. so why dont u step back nd have a beer. men are prone to false signals in this area!!! professor especially if instead of doing it they are talking about it on the internet. dude. ull f*ck it up. big time.
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