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Maria Chudnovsky (b. January 6, 1977) is a Ph.D. candidate in mathematics at Princeton University who has made significant contributions to the field of combinatorics and graph theory. While at Princeton, she recently solved — in collaboration with thesis advisor Paul Seymour, Ohio State University Mathematics Professor Neil Robertson, and Georgia Institute of Technology Professor Robin Thomas — the Strong Perfect Graph Conjecture, one of the best known open problems in combinatorics, and is currently working on a problem related to this break-through for her dissertation.

there she is!!! I finally found her !dancing
now the problem is how to get her blues
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With a big smile? grin
i dont have ny chance anyways! moping
easy, leave the combinatorics to her !? see ?
Silly Pitts, you will think of something, my friend, ha.

Beauty is DEFINITELY in the eyes of the beholder.

Nonetheless, tell her you have a math problem and need help.
You want to see how many times one can go into one
and the answer isn't only once. wink

dazzle her with brilliance and if that doesn't work baffle her with bullshit .

rolling on the floor laughing
wow, good for her for helping solve that conjecture...even though I tried to read her paper and I'll be honest have not a clue what any of it meant laugh She is also very beautiful...why dont you send her an email

What is the end result of solving this theory? beer
i am afraid she might go into depression if she finds out that a loser like me is discussing her on this stupid website. when i was in school, this dude came up with the quickest algorithm to figure out if a number is prime or not. i couldnt understand his paper. i think i have been depressed since then. i have had one intro course on graph theory. so wouldnt really understand her papers either!
i think my best bet would be taco jokes blues
haha I think she would be honored to know people were interested in her research...

I think its pretty amazing just wish I understood more of what it meant...math and me are like oil and water...unless I have someone teaching it that knows how to make a good analogy out of it.

But yeah I kinda know what you mean...I did a paper on Issac Newton once and that man was a freakin genius..not even talking gravity here..with math and his theories too....just wise beyond all
ill make sure my daughter is a genius like her professor
I am still trying to work out Rubik's cube -- this stuff goes right over my head.roll eyes

The lady would be very pleased to know she has a big fan out there. Send her an email and hint to her that your daughter needs tuition.wink
Just be yourself. Play up your strong points. Compliment her on her looks, anything but the smarts. Be confident and keep trying until you get an answer one way or the other.
thnks christmas. but what i hv learnt is that the last thing a guy needs to do about how to get a girl is to consult another girl!!!
nyways this was like a dream thing. obviously i dont intend to make a fool of myself
I think she would like you!
Yes, but, can she dance? grin
man. who cares about whether she can dance? if she touches us, our IQ will increase by 50%
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