my system

my system keeps freezing up only when i go on this sight can someone tell me what's wrong please think you justmejohn
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You need a mechanic! professor
I've been having problems, too, John. I think lots of people have.

Jac xxx
Same here! crying maybe a conspiracy to keep us apart form our soul mates uh oh
ok, wondered if it was my system....

security/parsing/declaration errors in content from ...
noticed a bunch of programming errors earlier too..

real annoying
When there are much people on this site at the same time, it causes much traffic to its server(s). That may result in low connection speed and quite long time to refresh or load. If it takes to long, your browser shows the standard 'current not available, or...'-site.
Did u mean that?

Or is your whole system freezing (that u'll have to restart the computer)?
Or at least the whole internet?

Do u always have to restart then, or only wait a few minutes and then it gets back to normal?

Maybe your whole computer got too slow. Try to clean up your temporary files... could help.
i have been having some serious issues too freezing not loading it's murphys law in full effect .
Hi,You could try emptying your cache etc.that usually works when ones system is nose diving..
its just freezing up i have to log out then back in
Mine does that if I'm useing Firefox or Opera browsers, had to swap over to IE, so far no problems
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