Five signs that you may be a Taliban

1. You have more wives than teeth

2. You own a $5,000 Rocket Launcher but cant afford shoes

3. You refine Heroin but have a moral objection to Beer

4. You think vests come in 2 styles: Bullet Proof and Suicide

5. You wipe your arse with your bare hand but consider Bacon is unclean
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lol very funnylaugh
nice,6. your beard doesn't know what shampoo meansgrin
that's pretty good . rolling on the floor laughing
Hell, if I had more than one wife I'd consider wearing one of those vests too, and if my wife was so pig ugly I wouldn't go out with her unless she covered her face, that would make me pretty sad as well........... still what goes around comes around. Ken
from what is rapidly becoming a suburb of Pakistan oops i mean thee UK
Wonderful comments LOL
Wipe a** with bare hand.laugh
LOL nice one angel
This is so farcicle propaganda

Only 4 is allowed not 32
rocket launcher is not owned through the pocket but funded
they dont suck up the heroin but supply it to were demand comes from
yea this one maybe right
i think they use it water tho.. tat makes it more clean than dry paper..
The best thing Muhammad taught Muslims was to wipe their shitty a** with their bare hand and water.rolling on the floor laughing
If he wants to do a "hi 5" after wiping a$$, duck!

rolling on the floor laughing head banger rolling on the floor laughing
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