think you my good friends

think you to my friends who helped me when i was depressed sometimes life gets hard i need all the friends i can get and also i am a good friend
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Everybody has had a fair share of depression. If you have a job(good for you I have none) focus your whole attention to it. Master it even if you are just assigned to clean the toilet. Whey you go out and find an open field look if there are birds around. Have you noticed the birds? Very rare circumstance when you find an only bird. Almost always it's a flock. From the Bible says, Look at the birds they never plant nor harvest but they are being fed and clothed by God. Ask mercy from God. Whatever name you use for Him. Look at the flowers, they are in varying colors shapes and sizes. God did not make them the same all thru out otherwise it would look boring , depressing. God doesn't want us to be depressed that's why He made the earth perfect. Let everyday be a day made to glorify Him.
Hi John,

Just been reading your posts and I can relate to how you are feeling. You are taking the right steps by reaching out on CS, and I hope things improve for you in the future!

All the best,

Hi John,we all have dark times,but we somehow mange to get back on track.comfort Keep your chin up,you have lots of friends here when you ned us.Mary.teddybear
Anytime you need reminding how much you are liked and respected, I think I can quite safely say, that's just fine with us!

Jac xxx
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