Wish the Whom ever is in charge would get a move o

Hi am a new blogger and hope that some guy in charge reads this.

I live in the host city and it is a crying shame crying that not more has been done to get the city ready for what is our biggest trymph.

Hell I have more flags on my little red Chicco than I have see in the entire city.

I cannot understand why there is such apathy from whom ever is in charge hey guys dress SA so that all can see what a beautiful friendly place we have.

Anyone comming here for the world cup? Ask questions if you like and will try to answer to the best of my ability.

What to others think?

cheering : wave
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I haven't seen anything on TV or in the papers about the preparations going on in SA for the World Cup, although in the UK there's obviously excitement and a build-up to the games. There are lots of St George's Cross flags around. I’m not a footie fan but I do watch the World Cup and I’m looking forward to it. Are the South Africans excited to be hosting the games?

A couple of months ago in Spain, there was a radio programme where a South African guy (I don't remember his name) was urging the teams to bring out their own armed security guards because he said it was very dangerous and the teams were likely to be attacked (I find that hard to believe). He seemed to be of the ‘shoot first and ask questions later’ brigade a la John Wayne. In the end, he made himself sound like a right supremacist. I think I would have been more frightened of coming face to face with him.

Have fun at the games! cheering
Hi Irishred. wave

I suppose I can only compare your hosting of the World Cup to when Sydney staged the 2000 Olympics.

I don't live in Sydney but the feeling I got was that a lot of residents felt that the Games were a inconvenience and would only disrupt their precious day to day activities for the entire 2 weeks......... they only had 7 years notice they would be on.roll eyes

The irony is that the infrastructure of the city ran like clockwork for the duration......... it was fairly ordinary before and has been an absolute shambles since!

It is all a distant memory now but it was fun while it lasted. So fly your flag, have fun and make the most of it.

Good luck cheers
Thanks to the lass from UK and the guy from AUZ who comented on my blog, guys it is no more dangerous here in SA than it is anywhere else in the world. We are just in the lime light and the crime is a bit more violent than in some countries. That dope on radio was probably a wen we who has left the country and sits in judgement YUK makes me barf

The place is crawling with Coppers and the army so one will probably be safer here than anywhere else in the world between now and the end of July.comfort

Yes am flying my flag high am not a footie fan but will be following the highlights and will rejoyce with visitors to the country and hope that they have a wonderful time.

Once all the hype is over will sit back and relive the dream of a little chunk of Africa that actually made it good and hosted the world.

Now am going to break open a frosty and wait for the fun to begin

cheers bouquet
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