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its best to be your -self, if you really want love and stop complaingmumbling about how you cant find it and start to say and believe in the fact that you deserve it angel , because we have the power to create we have everything we need if we use our positive mental Attitudeconfused, and what you say and do comes back to you!professor even if for a second if you lose faith, than you rob your-self, because fear is the real enemy and to overcome fear is to be healthy minded one that stands still and is aware, things happen but they just dont happen! ye need to push it along by using your heart and your gut, see your self, see who you arehandshake .. see that all things come easy..and if your having a bad messed up day, ye should just laugh and see that karma is a b*tchcomfort.. because everything has meaning be glad that mistakes are being paid do you really want love DO you really want to be happydoh..than stop complaing change your attitude by shaping your life the way it should be..put a picture beside you of lovers..sleep on one side of the bed..Make space and clear your mess up, and know that because you made the first step life will make the rest, what you give out you get backdoh the moment because eachday changes due to thoughts that come back thats noting to do with a belief or a god, its just a natual law..stay mindfull and live the moment everything is meaninless apart from love, that makes you all..

this will be my last blog here on i found my soul-mate and she lives half way round the world lol,,anyways i do wish you all well in your search for real love, just stay strong and never worry, am only on this site like 3months and yet there she was waiting.. never give up, just grow up everythings ment to be even thou its shit at times trust me its for your own good, learn to be more compassionate for yourself and your journey lifes no b*tch shes your mother respect her and youll be blessed..peace teddybear
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Good Luck! Be happy! applause
Well said, Angel, and best wishes!teddybear
Now i have hope.This day hs been really not good to me.I take comfort in your blog.Bless you and you,re future together.We all need a happy ending.thumbs up cheering Best wishes.Mary.teddybear
good luck angel hope everything works out good
for you. best wisheshandshake wave
really feel happy for you :)
your blog is truly an inspiring one :)
tnx 4 that w0nderful bl0g!
I can feel go0d 4 u that u found that special s0me0ne of y0urs and u have d chance to be with her!
H0pe i can be also...
God bless...go0d luck!
Congratulation applause .....and happy for you too.
Well I always enjoy to read every blog that you write in here and its full of inspiration.

Wish you'll be happy with her bouquet
I wish you all the luck in the world! Well donecheers
I find your blog to be most inspiring... you sound quite an amazing person!!! I wish you all the best and congratulate you on meeting your soul-mate.... you're right in saying, what you give out you get back.... You deserve to have found her, and she is just as fortunate to have found someone like you!!
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