(Deuteronomy 22:28-29) If a man is caught in the act of raping a young woman who is not engaged, he must pay fifty pieces of silver to her father. Then he must marry the young woman because he violated her, and he will never be allowed to divorce her.
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I would like to hear someone try to rationalize this passage...
(1 Peter 3:15) But in your hearts set Christ apart as Lord, and always be ready to give a logical defense to anyone who asks you to account for that is in you, but do it courteously and respectfully.
well, as long as u dont rape anyone. its all good
What is the punishment of thinkin to rape someone.
Exactly, according to jesus, thinking of something sinful is the same as doing it.
Barrel of fart, the problem with the link that you provided is that it suggests that a rape never occurred. This is absurd since there would be no law in the first place if it wasn't a issue. Meaning some poor woman had to marry her rapist. Second if you question one translation in the bible, it is logical to question the interpretation of the entire book.
'Barrel of fart, the problem with the link that you provided is that it suggests that a rape never occurred. This is absurd since there would be no law in the first place if it wasn't a issue. Meaning some poor woman had to marry her rapist. Second if you question one translation in the bible, it is logical to question the interpretation of the entire book.'

1) Did you read all the information? It isn't absurd- It's a law governing promiscuity, not rape.

2) Yes. The bible was not written in English, therefore there will be translation issues, and there are several scriptures that have translations which vary widely- But, given the list of other bibles which interpret this scripture as something other than rape, I should think it's shows a general consensus, fittingly with its context, that this is not a 'rape' law.
Itscolinpitts, You are rationalizing, and missing the whole point! The Bible says that a rape victim has to marry her attacker weather she wants to or not as his punishment and the best logical explanation that you can give for this passage is "don't rape and you won't have to worry about it"?doh How about that passage is morally wrong, and couldn't have came from a god that is omnibenevolent...
thinking to rape is just as sick as doing it i don't care what religion you are still you should be punished
barrelofart, that is just a personal interpretation. Even in context the word rape fits in. If it were a mistranslation, it would have been corrected by now. Besides are all the god given laws about rape and women in the Bible mistranslations also?laugh
You know what would be lovely? Is if you would write something without the word rape in the title.

Bible aside, it would be even lovelier if dumb a** men would stop raping. Then this could be removed from all the flippin' books that have had to address it.frustrated

I'm with BOA on this one. Many mistranslations and I don't know what version of the Bible you are reading, but perhaps the powers that be don't change it for the same reason you keep trying to convert everybody....just plain stubborn pride!beer
handymanrichie said:

"barrelofart, that is just a personal interpretation. Even in context the word rape fits in. If it were a mistranslation, it would have been corrected by now. Besides are all the god given laws about rape and women in the Bible mistranslations also?"


ARE YOU SERIOUS, handymanrichie? I'm a Christian and my eyes and ears are stinging from your comment. If you're going to quote the bible, do yourself and EVERYONE that you're trying to educate a favor and do some research on different translations before you argue a point. The fact that you say, "If it were a mistranslation, it would have been corrected by now" shows that you aren't as learned as you believe yourself to be. There's a proverb (Proverbs 17:28) that would be good for you in this case: It's better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than open it and prove it. There are mistranslations throughout the bible, as it has been touched by many. For example, it shouldn't say "Easter" anywhere, but it does. The word was mistranslated from "Passover".
Do you know Hebrew? The original language says "take hold of and lie down with". It is translated as "have s*xual intercourse with" in earlier verses, but "rape" in the verses you quoted.
This has nothing to do with rape. It is reinforcing the notion that once two people are joined together sexually, they are mates for life, the underlying principle being that the s*xual union is meant to bond two people together for life, and should not be taken lightly.
It doesn't matter that the translations into English should have been changed by now, that is a moot point.
You are challenging the character of this God, so that is all I am addressing. The original language, and only that, will reflect the intentions of this God.
These verses basically say, you won't get away with it. You can't just sleep with someone, setting her up for the consequences of not being a virgin when she does decide to marry (see earlier in the Book), and just walk away.

I noticed other bloggers have said God condones various things we find abhorrent. Just because he didn't strike people with lightning doesn't mean he condones those actions. It means he works with people and interacts with them despite their faults, unlike most humans.
(The word violate does not mean what we would mean, it means to defile - she is no longer "pure")
The mystics say that when you have sex with someone, you are exchanging some bits of karma. It is a different take on this but similar. Sex is a sacred act and it is a sharing, giving and receiving, on a most intimate level. As the woman receives the man, it is she that absorbs more of his energy/karma. So it is wise to be very discerning when it comes to how and with whom we exchange our energy.
Jesus whole point in saying that if you think about something, it is that same as doing it, was to address our hearts.
He took the expectations of the Law up a notch, because his goal was to change our motivations, our intentions to those of love, seeking the good of others.
If one studies the New Testament, especially the writings of Apostle Paul, who was very educated in the Law, he was a Pharisee, a specialist. This guy, like others of his rank, could recite VERBATIM, numerous books of the Torah.
Paul says the Law was like a schoolmaster. It shows us our inner condition. it was never successful in making anyone better.
When Jesus came, the covenant he had between himself and man changed. The old Covenant said: "You do this list, you will be healthy, happy, free from consequence, etc" That is why there were so many health, civil, and criminal laws. Actually the purpose of most of the Law was how to relate human to human, not human to God.
Jesus death put into effect a new Covenant. God said that he now dealt with man based on JESUS' performance, which, according to the Bible was perfect, thus making all people eligible for all the benefits of the old Covenant. This is called unmerited favour.
Now, before anyone gets too excited, this did not in any way imply that we can do whatever the hell we want, and in fact, be REWARDED for it. The Bible makes clear that when we violate our conscience, "we are separated from God IN OUR MINDS". So we don't believe we deserve anything good from God. This is called "frustrating grace". We will literally manifest illness, destroyed relationships, even death as a result of this disharmony at the very soul level. (So guess what, God is not punishing anyone, including sending them to hell to be tortured for infinity, as so many, especially Christians, mistakenly accuse him of doing - it is all self-imposed)
Paul goes to great lengths to make the point that God's GOODNESS leads us to repentance (repentance means to change your mind, not flog yourself with remorse, a common mainstream Christianity mistranslation). He also states that if one embraces the goodness and love of God, he becomes "transformed by the renewing of your mind". He then becomes a reflection of love, never seeking to harm others. Jesus himself said the whole Law was summed up in the commandments to love.
Jesus said he did not come to condemn the world, but to save it. So when he made comments about the error of even THINKING of doing something wrong, he wasn't coming from a punishment perspective, he was saying that is where all evil starts.
Actually, its more than that. Take water in its various forms. It's still H20, right? Same with evil, whether it is in thought form, an act, whatever, is still evil, still causes damage to ourselves.
The main thrust of the New Covenant was to stop trying to be good, and connect with the ultimate source of love and goodness, entwine ourselves with it, and become it. There is no other way.
Again, from a mystic standpoint. Same idea...thoughts are subtle forms of matter. If one attaches to a thought and couples it with emotion, belief, or action, then it precipitates down into the physical. So for equanimity sake, it is taught to watch the mind and what it attaches to, and counterbalance it if it creates any negative (guilt, shame, remorse, self hatred) feelings. It is about intention and attitude.

Someone who runs over a person accidentally has a different intent than someone who aims to run someone over. Still there will be karma (cause and effect consequences) but there will be a different consequence for the one with intent as opposed to the one without intent. The person who accidentally ran someone over will have to deal with guilt and what is created in his belief in guilt (ie. lots of situations/circumstances in which he will feel guilty). The one with intent is dealing with rage and hate and will experience circumstances that mirror that.

Karma is just a thought pattern. The person who hates and kills, hates himself, therefore will create outer manifestations of hate over and over until he "gets" that hate doesn't create inner peace and then consciously chooses to not be compelled to follow the groove of the thought pattern. All of the teachings are attempts to save us from having to experience pain from unwise thought and deed. It is an attempt to teach the easy way (observing those that have been there done that), rather than the hard way (school of hard knocks).
Just a No thought for the day:

"Remain in wonder if you want the mysteries to open up for you. The mysteries never open up for those who go on questioning. The questioners sooner or later end up in a library. The questioners sooner or later end up with scriptures, because scriptures are full of answers. And answers are dangerous, they kill your wonder." OSHO
I agree, Venus
I keep bringing up the Bible, not to be stuck on that, but because I am using the same measuring stick as the blog author. They are attacking principles in the Bible, I am looking at it differently.
Also, I attempt to show it isn't just a bunch of mumbo jumbo written by weirdos who pulled it out of their hat to control people.
There are many other ancient writings, as well as science, that corroborate the principles you spoke of. You see a universal thread running through it all.
I am starting to realize that many atheists also feel the physical world is all there is, that we cease to exist after physical death. Interesting.
All I know is, I see some very intelligent women on herethumbs up
etherealembers, so it is only the parts in the bible that you disagree with that are mistranslations?laugh
murny, I'm going to have to disagree with you because the penalty in the bible for a woman who has s*xual intercourse before marriage, is to be taken outside the city and stoned to death. So this passage is definitely referring to rape, no doubt about it.professor
movin backwards, apparently you don't even know that.
Whatever you say pandymanrichie!
You are saying that the poor woman has no choice but to marry her rapist and can never get rid of him or have him punished? As a twice raped person that is the most disgusting and abhorent thing I have ever heard or read. How dare you! And dont you dare say it is said by someone else. You chose to put this in the forum. you are disgusting and dispicable.
Rapists should be hung by their balls till dead. And I jest about nothing here. And I agree that thinking it is the same as doing it .. there is very little between the thinking and the doing .. it is only a matter of time. There are some sick f*cking perverts out there who think rape is good or fun or means nothing!! I hope you all rot in hell
Enjoy your threads...And since I couldn´t find the thread of yours that I was looking for,-I´m glad I´ve found you here...Yes Sir,-OT is really a fun&blood-dripping book(s)....You wrote previously about the killing of Midjanites,-and just struck me...After the genocide,-there was tribute time....and God got his fair share of humans,(32 poor sods),-but where they meant as human sacrifices?? Chapter 32:Before even crossing Jordan-river,-good ´ol Moses gives away and shares the territories of the poor Amoreerans and Bashans.....and jumping a bit further...well,well,...(Deuteronomium chapter 2):-"We killed all men,womwn and children,-and no-one got away"...Just love that....Of course,-speaking of the genocide of the Amoreerans(king Sichon)....I also love his filanthropic side,-especially in Leviticus/Chapter 21,-as God speaks to Mose:No disabled person,(and there´s many forms of it),-is allowed to step forward and sacrifice to the Lord....Well...,what is there to say...don´t you love it....
Reading Torah...reminds me....Now,-I putting my chin out here...,but just a silent wonder...If you put teh text of Torah into a secular perspective....you can almost scent similarites between despotes of this world and their equals in Torah...Hitler had Himmler&Heydrich,-Stalin had Berija&Jagoda...and of course Mao,Pol Pot,Napoleon,S.Hussein and so on..and God had Moses....and later on Joshua...Am I going to extremes????
EtherealEmbers wrote: It's better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than open it and prove it.

OMG... that is a classic! Thank you for sharing that one!!!!
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
handymanrichie, Interesting quote.

Well you know in some countries it is incredibly sad that families force their daughters to either marry someone against their will or be raped and marry the person to avoid the disgrace of being raped and being single. Either way it is ignorant mentality and should never happen. As for your quote it is the new International translation as pointed out already and I wonder why you didn't also cite the original translation as well?
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