i just watched videos of children walking streets hungry abused hurt why cant we do what we need to do right now i am crying god help them help us to help them if even only me ill be there ill give them all i got if they cant have what i got then i don't deserve it children so innocent so beautiful being raped hungry abused hurt why god why
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We see the children on the street, being abused, hungry, some try to do anything like singing, cleaning the car, etc. We try to help them with whatever we can do here, donation for their education until they can stand on their own, bringing them sometimes to go to the zoo or for picnic, giving a little souvenir to keep them smile, sharing the moment of our happiness with them, etc. We wish we could help them all but we can only help several children on the street. Sometimes i pray when i see them God please help them and give them a chance for a better future.
yes god give them a future
There is suffering of all kinds all over the world. where ever we are, there is always something we can do to eliviate this crisis even it is a small gesture. Do what we can. hug
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