LiFe is Not Bright Without a Wife

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LiFe is Not Bright Without a Wife

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But it is somewhat light and refreshing though…..
My life is very BRIGHT without a husband.
What do you mean by this statement if you are not single and you are not looking?
Life is what you make it. Some people choose with a wife others without. Why can't we all have a good time with others and just get along? Peace of mind and self assurance count for alot.
equiya, Nice to see you here wave grin
Hello Pixels, long time no see.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing CT!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
What do you feel you want a wife for ?

Iff you feel your just lonely ,get a Dog ,dont get a Cat , they dont do anything and just take us for granted,trust me,ive got 2 ,plus me Dog

You want a wife ,ok ,

Put your wife in the boot of the car together with the dog ,, leave them there for an hour ,then open the boot and see who"s most pleased to see you ..

It will be the Dog ,,trust me ,i know.

Get a dog ..

Hi to everyone else laugh
Jon that was funny! laugh beer
Hi Drea111

Yes life is just a continuous comedy , that we are all caught up in laugh

Hope your well.Sunny weather here dancing cheers
Dude how about your life? Is that bright with your wife? Note: Too much brightness can make you blind!;)

No seriously man, thats pure bullshit. If you are not a happy person inside you no one can brighten up your life. wow
O , i forgot to ask confused

how stupid of me , doh

Was it your own wife you wanted or somebody elses ..yay
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