Why Women Want to be Loved by Edward Cullen

There is no more question that Edward loves Bella like she was the world. Didn't he stage his own death from the Volturi when he thought Bella was dead? What i'm curious about is this: do we, perfect women that we are , realize why Edward loves Bella the way he does? And if we do realize what makes Bella worthy of such eternal love from the perfect Edward Cullen, are we willing to BE Bella?

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, indulge me as i go through some of Bella's qualities:

> Bella is shy, never wanting to draw attention to herself.

> Bella is self sacrificing, always taking care of the people she loves the most, way before herself. She'd rather face death to make sure her mother does not get hurt, and offer her own death to the Volturi just to spare the man she loves

> Bella is so selfless and unconsumed by beauty, she also is a fighter. But her fights are not about trying to assert her rights as an equal of a man. She fights, in her own quiet way, to give up her own perfection (coz Edward sees her being human as that), so she can be with the man she loves for all eternity.

And towards the end of the saga, for all those who have not yet read The Eclipse or the Breaking Dawn, Bella would always be Bella, ever the protector, and ever the first one to put herself out there, for the people she loves.

Times have changed for many women around the globe over the years. Now, you'll see most women go for self gratification first, before self sacrifice. In these days and times, women want to be equal to men. Marriages, children, are delayed to make way for careers, for success, and for financial security. Nothing wrong with that as long as the woman knows why she's making those her priority.

I'm just starting to wonder, are we the ones confusing ourselves in the end? Do we want the love, or the success? Do you have to sacrifice one for the other? Or can women have their cake and eat it, too?

Are you willing to Be Bella?

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Good post. I was thinking about this the other day. I'd like to make a graph of the number of v***rator sold vs. the number of woman who cook for their men, over a period of 50 years. I do believe we would see a "selfishness" of woman emerging as time passes from the data.

I watched one of those movies with a 13 year old girl. She wanted Bella to be with Edward. I thought Bella was making a poor choice in men. Jacob, was better for her, that was until I found out he was a ware wolf. Then I thought she should just dump both of them and find someone normal.

This is a good blog. I'm going to think about it. Bella is definitely a very powerful matriarch. Jac xxx
I read this blog with interest and think although there is nothing wrong with being shy, confidence is important and also an attractive quality. Was Bella shy and quietly confident? Sorry I do not know Bella's character. Self sacrificing is a good attribute but I also think it important that we do put ourselves first sometimes. This is not being selfish in my view but necessary in order to be able to take care of others in our lives or we could be destined to be long suffering although it is also true to a point sometimes we all suffer needlessly. In today's society there remain many inequalities but I think we are equal as human beings and should not be less an equal. Noone is perfect so we can only strive to perfection and that will take a lifetime! As you say we live in a world/societies of changing priorities and financial security (which does not have to be a rich lifestyle) is essential in today's economic times to survive. It is difficult to step out the front door without spending money unless you just go for a walk, but it is possible to meet someone with the same aim/goals in life and make certain choices whether to marry or have children or both or not. I think it possible to have love and success and some sacrifices are made a long the way. I prefer not to be Bella in answer to your question. But this is just my point of view grin
I only saw one of the movies, and even then I only watched it to encourage a young girl to read. I've been buying her the books. It's really not my "type" of story, but I must say, the movie did capture my interest once I got into it. I just reread your post and if the Bella character is like you describe, I want to find my Bella. She sounds like an extraordinarily rare woman. I find beauty in natural woman. I'm not out looking for a touched up picture in a magazine. I am attracted to many different types of woman but I am not able to "capture" a woman of fair beauty and of Bella's character quality.

I think your exactly right. Many woman today are not willing to be Bella. Or more accurately, they havn't been taught to be Bella. So are your suggesting they(woman) will not be able to find their true love and pursue their own personal dreams(excluding love)? Your a pretty deep thinker too. And you talk in complete coherent sentences! It's hard to find that around here and I don't even think this is your native language! Us men are getting short changed over here!

"Now, you'll see most women go for self gratification first, before self sacrifice" Your EXACTLY right. It's hard to find a woman who is genuinely unselfish and of fair beauty unless a man had substantial material offerings and that will only insure the capture of fair beauty. It's just the facts. In all fairness, most men around here have serious issues too and I can't completely exclude myself either. Your making me think of striving to be the better man regardless of sacrifice. And may the cards fall as they will.

I'll give you my opinion, for what it's worth. Let's agree on something. Men want a beautiful woman. But the first problem is, beautiful woman soon learn they can use that beauty to pursue their own personal agenda, excluding love again. This pursuit is often encouraged by their parents. It is so hard for a man to find the attraction he desires and a woman of "Bella character" quality as you have described her. Woman are selfish over here. They really are. It's all about who has the most money wins the prettiest girls. And these girls know it. They use "love" as a tool to advance their lives financially. First thing a woman wants to know about a man is what he does for a living. That is priority on their list of necessities to win their love. It's not about how big your heart is, or how faithful you can be, or how you treat people. Welcome to America. Maybe we can call it "capitalism love". The sad thing is, there are some people out there, both men and woman, of Bella character quality, but they are over looked because the opposite sex is not physically attracted to them. It's just the way it is. Maybe we could isolate ourselves from society so we didn't have to "worry" about what others would think of our partners. Or maybe we could do ourselves a service by eliminating our vision. Or do we keep looking for the needle in the hay stack, or do we settle. What do you suggest...
Maybe if you get a chance you could tell us why the woman love Edward? In the movie I watched, I didn't understand why she was infatuated(what your calling love) with him. Jacob, before he turned into a ware wolf, seemed genuinely nice to Bella. Was he "too nice"? Do woman want the bad boy?
A very informative post. Though a film buff myself, I skipped the ‘Twilight’ movies , since as mike3478 said, I felt it was really not my type of story, Also the Rottentomatoes.com which is my guide for movies, gave ‘rotten ‘ rating for the 2008 movie. But thanks to Bubbly & mike, I will read the book and also might see the movie.
the reason storybook romance is so perfect and pure is because it's a storybook romance . give me a real person any day i tend to like faults as much as strengths . altho there is nothing wrong with aspiring to be that perfect person so long as you realise it will never be .

wow that was uncharacteristicly insightful of me ...... uhm taco taco taco !
the reason storybook romance is so perfect and pure is because it's a storybook romance . give me a real person any day i tend to like faults as much as strengths . altho there is nothing wrong with aspiring to be that perfect person so long as you realise it will never be .

wow that was uncharacteristicly insightful of me ...... uhm taco taco taco !
I am so inspired reading your thoughts..thanks everyone.

I don't have the answers. In fact, i have more questions and wonderings. It's just a curious thing for me to watch some women talk about what men should do and be, yet i don't see them ask themselves what they are willing to become in order to deserve the kind of love that's eternal and pure and well, perfect.

At this age when most women pursue challenging and demanding careers, shyness may not really be seen as a virtue. One need not see the piles and piles of self help books in stores on how to build confidence and ways to put your best foot forward on the job front, to realize this.

Sometimes I feel being Bella is a vocation. It is a transgression against the norms of human life, the practical side of it. Imagine, if there will be Bella, this world will be perfect in the name of love.

I agree that many women nowadays use their beauty as a tool, not really to find their true love, but to find a wealthy man to marry so that if the marriage does not turn out to be one that's made in heaven, then they find themselves a hefty divorce settlement. OW!

On the other hand, many good looking men, also seem to get away with many things, among them being obnoxious. It seems that it's ok for them to be a bad boy, just because they are good looking.

I think Stephenie Meyer, the author of the Twilight saga is simply a genius, because she is able to entertwine these characters together, and make us all see analogies from different perspectives.

Looking back to Bella and Edward's characters, this is what I see - Edward and Bella may be so beautiful creatures physically, but under normal circumstances, each of them has a characteristic that is actually repugnant to their own species. Bella, though beautiful, is human, and therefore, weak. It's something most vampires see not just as a flaw, but actually, as something they can never be part of. After all, they eat humans, don't they?

Edward, though magnificent, is a vampire. And therefore, to an ordinary human like Bella, should be seen as a monster; something to be feared, not to be loved!

So being in love and actually thinking of living with the other is like, an abomination!

That is what's missing in most relationships nowadays. Everyone wants security, no one wants to risk getting hurt, being shamed, becoming poor, or being ridiculed...all in the name of love.

But once both people are willing to bare each other's soul to their partners, and with closed eyes, walk into the future that's filled with the unknown hand in hand, then love attains perfection!

And so in the end, it has nothing to do with looks, money, power, stature. But it has everything to do with honesty, trust and faith. Young people nowadays put up too many walls you can't see anymore who's on the other side, even when you only have a candlelit table in between. People wanted so much to be sure about the future, and wants the other to make promises about something that can't be seen nor predicted...and so everyone loses the opportunity to be loved, and to love...one that's for real.

For no matter how painful one's experiences can be, when it's real, there will be no regrets...just bittersweet memories, and wisdom that can never be had when all people think about is security and personal freedom.

Just my thoughts, folks. heart beating
Well, I thought that last movie was crap! I think that Bella is depressed not shy. I think that any woman who is in love with a blood sucking vampire is sure to be depressed. I am sorry to not feel all the romanticism that is floating in this blog and its comments, but the idea of being with a smooshed nosed vampire does nothing for me.

I guess I feel two people should come into a relationship with the intent of helping each other to become whole. I don't mean that two halves make a whole. I mean we are each whole and complete, we have just forgotten. A partner in relationship is the ideal mirror to help us see where we have forgotten our wholeness and well being. They are the perfect players in our game of life, of remembering the God essence within each of us.

Venus dear, keep it coming! 'Love to exchange wits with someone of a different opinion than mine. I think it's good exercise for the intellect, as well as a good learning process. Whether i change my ideas in the end, or agree to disagree with you, it's good use of time.

Perhaps it's because i've read the whole saga - The Eclipse, which will be shown on July ist! And Breaking Dawn, which is still on the works in terms of a movie (Stephenie Meyer thinks it's probably gonna be split into two whole movies because of its length).

And because i know what happens in the end, i am adamant that following Bella's example is good for womankind! applause
I can't tell everyone here my thoughts that are related to what takes place in the Eclipse and Breaking Dawn between Bella and Edward as well as all that they love. That's giving away the suspense and the surprise, and i don't want to take that away from movie fans, especially those who have not yet read the books.

In Eclipse, i think many people are going to hate Bella! Haha!

So I'll wait till Breaking Dawn has been shown, and I'll tell you why women should follow Bella's example. Or perhaps, I'll talk to you when you have read the books. 'Got them at home.

But one thing that comes out even from the very beginning of the movie is this: Bella was loved by Edward, not for her weakness, but actually for her strengths. Her being so different from her peers is a strength. She does not think ill of others, is not frivolous, and always truthful. These are values that are hard to find among many women today.

And that is why i am so pro-Bella! kiss
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