tired of being single?

Im new to all of this but who ells is tired of being single?!!! i miss having someone to hold, hug, love, and take care of. whos with me?
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Me too. I long for love so bad it hurts.

We're not alone, but we are lonely.
I'm so lonely, I'm communicating with a spamer scamer. At least I can fantasize about finding everything I want in a woman...

It feels goodbanana
lol yes i know i am not alone i long for love as well..... ill find the right guy eventually and u as well with the right woman.cheering
u can always buy love lol
haha y u buying? lol. anyone with a heart wouldnt do that or fall for that.
like everything else it has it's ups and downs it's not the destination it's the journey .
For god sakes,

Enjoy being young and single if you can!
Good chance you will get tied down, Who knows what than!!
LQQKING, searching, searching, LQQKING.heart beating kiss ,,,,,,,,,,,,,tiredblah blah blah
lol; you are 18 years old; you are acting like you are 50 and you've found true love.

You have to be careful; you are into the "feeling" of being with someone.

It's fine to want that but many settle just to have that "feeling".
me too!!....it eats you away from the inside out,no one seems to realize this,i write poetry to try and cope with it....but that doesn't help either,nobody cares about you,but you!...thats what ive learned.lol.
teddybear heart beating
people who are single choose to be you have people willing to be partners attitudes need adjusting....
yea im with ya i have been single for bout 4 years now and it gets annoying wen ya out and see couples together and just wish it could be you. the right guy is out there for you. ya just gotta keep ya head high and be ya self and a guy will want to get to know ya
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