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I am new to this so please forgive the tackiness. I would like to say, that it is very important for all of us to be honest with yourself, before trying to be honest with someone else. I have found, that their are alot of unhappy relationships, barely afloat, because, people aren't real to themselves 1st. My mom told me, when i married 20 years ago, that I "Didnt know what it took to be married". I lied to myself and married anyway, just to find out, soon later, "Mom was Right". Turning 40 this year, I cant help to wonder? Do I Know what it takes to be married now? Raising my 15 y/o son as a single cooperating parent(joint custody)I know I love my son and myself very much. The scary part is, there are a whole lot of people running around in relationships, that dont really love themselves 1st. Teaching my son by example, Im waiting now!!!!
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Not another Oprah Winfrey junkie.

This place is infected with them.
mop...wave man u bored sunshine, i love oprah....can never have to much self loving, can we....flirty wait....popcorn u 2 busy worrying about everyone else rather than focusing on a personality check on you....hurtz hey, i know....but u know wat....u mite eventually look pretty in ur world...buddies or not....giggle
Here, here, tsane88.cheers
Hi my name is Mike. I love myself. I am great.

Tsane perhaps you should read Miss Venus's last discusses this topic in depth beer
laugh laughwe're both from Colorado. Must be the 300 plus days of sunshine or the Coors dancing
Maybe it's in the water Miss V.dunno
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