Not All Women are Gold Diggers

I don't care how rich guys are. You gota be friendly to have friends, you gota be lovely to be loved. You gota be respectful to be respected. Don't think a loaded bank account is going to be a draw card for every woman. As you can see from all the divorce rates of the rich n famous money aint the guarantee to eternal bliss.
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I like what you write here.
What is a gold digger?
A woman who's only interest in a bloke is his money.......

which means there ain't no one knocking my door down! roll eyes
Well Billy Fatwas, at least you know who your friends really are!!! I'd be more worried if I WERE rich, I'd have a hard time trying to sort out who are truly my friends and who are only after my money!!! We obviously don't have that problem....
To Ester4life.... Lovely to see someone on here from Cape Town... I'm from there myself!!

All the best!
I agree with you....Money cant buy love for long.When all else dies Love lasts.One can have all the wealth in the world but with no character or love it means nothing.
Oh yes they are. That is why poor girls make better lovers.

Trust me. I have the experience an knowledge to make the statement.

When you can learn to understand life better, you can get what you want better. Including happiness.

And billy, I have a feeling you just don't want to set the wrong bait and catch the wrong kind of animal. I did that once too.scold
...and I don't see anything wrong with a woman that is "attracted" to man that has more. It is natural instinct to look for male that can protect and provide. But you do have to watch out for those that just want to further advance thier personal position, without concern for their provider.professor

I have had both kinds of animals in my cage to examine.
Hi Mike3478, thats what a gold digger is don't you think? Out to advance her personal position? And that natural instinct your talkin about, that's old styles. We don't need to do that any more.
Little ones who think like that...
Thanks you really give us hope.
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