Life's funny Momments? lol

I was young ( teenage ) when my girlfriend then wanted to mess around and me being the typical guy with needs didn't keep her waiting though as I was trying to play it cool slowly I tried to lift up her shirt with a gentle pull upward then a second, third,
until I had to laugh and ask her if she had it tied between her legs or something? She replied let me help you with that and undid her pants and when she pulled out her shirt it dropped to her knees. She explained it was a old shirt of her dads. What's one of your not so cool moments?
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don't quit your day job.
WOW did you think of that all by yourself? Brilliant Ace
Just bear with him while he discovers the new him. roll eyes

And sorry mate. I'm not telling anyone my not so cool moments. Too bloody embarrassing. doh
Just being honest. I fail to see any humor in the storyconfused

I guess it must be cultural differences. Don't know.
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