Not The Same Anymore

Stuck in between everything and nothing
Searching for something that isn't there.
Find nothing but ashes and past issues
Its just not the same without the care.

But you still press forward
Into darkness you suffer.
And when you fall down too far
I will see you in hell.

Broken glass all over and
Just lying and shrouded in it.
Cuts and bruises surrounding your body
And lies covering your life in shit.

You have done so much and
Yet you still get mistreated and hated.
The life you play seems so worthless
And everything you see has faded.

Why go on any further if you know the outcome?
Why try even harder when you know you're the malfunction?
Its just not worth to go on anymore…
Especially if people tell you that you're a dysfunction.

Life is full of surprises
And its so f*cking confusing.
Looking within yourself for the answer
It just isn't amusing.

Not being able to figure it out
Always at that state of mind.
Where you're forever lost in the world
And you're constantly left behind.


Being told all the time…you're shit
You're inadequate…you will never amount to anything.
You just keep going on and never giving up
But letting yourself down on something.


Its just to show that its not there anymore
But I'll do whatever…whatever…whatever..
Whatever it takes to be the one that you want me to be
If only you could see…if only you could believe.
I'll do whatever but you don't see so get out of my way
I'll make it out by myself and do what's right for me.

I gave in to you so many times
I forgave you so much and yet you f*cked me over.
This time its real and im done
In order to fix everything you'll need
A four leaf clover.

This night will never end
And im finished with all of you.
I've done my best and you cheated
And now I'm through!
You've caused me so much pain
And im letting go of emptiness.
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