Men in domestic violence

With domestic violance widely associated with women and children, the worst for me is the abuse men faces. This abuse rarely covers s*xual and stalking abuse, but more Emotional, Verbal (threats and insults), Psychological ( obsessive jealousy), and yes the last 2 favourites to women abusers which is the worst: Economic and Damage abuse! Its unfair ladies, plse lets put a halt to our nonsense! And men, there are remedies to your cries, check with your attorneys.
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a lot of men out there feel a sense re leaf right now,because for a fact an uncountable amount are up stir by the numerous amount0f abuses you outlined,am glad you did.
Well congratulations( and i mean it). Its nice that its a woman who has posted this. The figures in Ireland & UK for reported domestic abuse are now at parity.... as many men as women report abuse and yet the belief is that women are the only victims. However most men can defend themselves where as many women are in fear for their wellbeing in the case of domestic violence.thumbs up
Oooh, its all thanx to men like you two, that makes me feel so good about having said it like it is. My wish is for such victims to come foward rite here for support. Thank you!
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