What is "love".."true meaning" of love............

we could debate this forever, many blogs on this, cuz each precieves the meaning so differently in their world, and what it is, what it should be, could be, or what we want it to be and there is no wrong or rite to how anyone perceives the meaning to how if feels or how it should feel....i posted this blog, to say, i feel blessed, i really do, in my world and in my heart and in my soul..i finally found the true meaning to this beautiful word and the wonderful feeling it entails, its everything and more and i love, "love"....took a long time to figure it out, cuz in the past, saying the word "love", 2 me was only a word that had absolutely no true meaning, emptiness and sometimes i even hated/despised those words, i love you, when people said they were in love, would think how the hell would you know, doesnt even exist, hated it actually when it came to relationships, i totally had lots of healing to do....but now, totally been blessed....to me there are no words to describe the word "love" other than maybe, silent like a calm nite or a warm beautiful soft rain, so when i tell you baby, i love you.....i know u know the inner beauty of those words... and thank-you for showing me how to love in a way that there are no words, no words at all.....love you so much sweetz.....heart wings

p.s. but damn hell took u long time to find me, where the hell were you....
rolling on the floor laughing

teddybear teddybear teddybear teddybear teddybear teddybear teddybear ..love is beautiful....just had to share....

and yes, found love here at CS and its a working...trust me.....flirty so hey, hope everyone does find the true meaning of love for them....cheers
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A passion so powerful,,, to die for. Until you have felt love like that, you have not felt true love...
Smitten, Great blog!
I have yet to find "love" whether it be here or anywhere else. But at least I'm trying and your takin' so.........LOL!head banger
Not really sure if I have ever been "in love", yet I have said the words, does that make me a bad person? Probably, but I don't want to hurt anyone!moping
Besides, it will come at me from the sides, that's how it works, wont even know until it's on top of me! LOL!laugh

Ah well, keep lookin' I guess! Sheesh, made myself depressed for god sakes! LOL!

Cheers Smitten, I'm happy for you! yay
I am so sceptical about this thing called true love ... seems much like chasing a ghost to me. Sometimes u might believin u caught it and yet as soon as u peek into the bag u find nothin at all ...

Oh ... by no means I am sayin that the blogger is wrong ...

In anycase ... best of wishes to u.
damn mikey, and i was just gonna post to say, mikey be gentle with me, plzzzzzzzzz....lol....but thanks mike, ur sweet..hug and you know wat, u really do have a soft side, a very gentle soul and a heart of gold, i always knew , even though sometimes u portray to be an a**, but i can kik ur a**..lol...but honestly, whoever girl ur wrap around with love, is gonna be one lucky girl..oh yaaaaaaaa...and, mikey i do mean that, and u r a great guy...teddybear you really are...teddybear
@ woddy, ur my twin brother, so of course i love you...hug and saying i love you to anyone is beautiful, its just that, probably doesnt make sense, but i found something i never felt before and i love it, i truly do......and like i always say, there is someone for anyone, cuz of all ppl i would of thought i would of been to the last to find it....and ur my bro, say hey, could things my twin brother will happen when the time is rite, and the feeling is rite, cuz i also think woody ur a very sweet guy, no dont think...you totally are......teddybear
man i just re-read my post to you woody...read between the lines...totally errors in my spelling..like wtf....ok enough sauce for me today....drink pouring
@ 10k... i did find everything and more...but honestly in the past, pizzed off, angry especially when it came to finding satisifaction in any relationship and the word "love" had no meaning......just trying to say, i beleive its out there......cuz i have found it....teddybear
hi all,
Do i have a space to post for my comment????

Actually i cant figure it out...or cant descibe it...mybe it has its own definition more we read frm the dictionary!
But i can feel it....it runs in my veins goes back and forth to my heart and through all my system...
We found each other here at cs......
Very awkward..coz we met juz like that...then the feelings that was inside is getting hottier and hottier each day....burning like a wildfire somewhere.....
Gooossshhh he was my strength,my all,my everything!
Ok...mybe im exag...but when it comes to him im becoming an electrifying alien! Hahahahaha
Mahal kita loko!
always have space for you shell....hug but sometimes i am needy...lol...but yes, the feelings u have, weird hey, and damn cant make no sense out of them, cuz sometimes i cant at all.......but damn i love it.....love it.......so shell enjoy it, doesnt need to make sense, i just go with it and am friggin loving it........cheers ....ok gotta ....cartwheel joy cartwheel
and well since it is my blog....drink pouring
ok, but one does have to wonder, how he does put up wit me?...dunno
lol tnx,
Yez ms. S.
I will enjoy it...and all....
Can i plug to ur blog??
I juz wana say i love u to him.....and i accept him in whole package..more than any younger man can give..

Tnx ms. S 4 ur undrstanding to an alien!
Cheers ;)
How does he put up with you Smitten?? Hardly, Hell's very fortunate to have someone that has those feelings for him and I shouldn't think putting up with you would even enter into it!

If it does, I've got a great new blog idea that has room for you baby!!head banger LOL!

Cheers shell and Smitten you brighten my days with all your words and such!!
@ woody, u totally brighten my day 2...buddies and ur 2 cute and sweet and honestly, u r gonna make one heck of a life long partner....sweetness and all.....cheers

and if ur next blog is about me....boxing i will kik ur a**...lol......teddybear
Ahh Smitten, I got here to late to win you over! mumbling

But, according to this site, there are plenty of fish in the sea!
As long as there not all barracudas and sharks I should be all right! LOL!cool

Cheers and peace out!peace
my dear friend,i hope i can call u so.
u r a whole new world by urself to me.
today i am very happy to see u very happy.and i brought u something ,as i was returning home from the office.something i know u love so muchpopcorn anddrink pouring and acake to have a little .party for all of the CSers in love
i dont dancing but i'll play theguitar and sing for all of us.love came to u a bit delate but now u know like i do that is the best drug.wish u the best and always be happy.dimhug bouquet
gawd woody u r so sweet, and the barracudas and sharks, we will leave for mikey....rolling on the floor laughing sorry mikey, but had 2... teddybear and woody, lots of pretty mermaids 2....just dont fish, and if u do let the those fish bite u first...well not hard though, just a nibble, cuz damn that hurtz, then after u can bite when it feels rite...buddies .....hold up here....drink pouring my mannerism is off today, sorry....one for you and two for me...drink pouring drink pouring
I would follow true love over a cliff with a smile on my face all the while.heart beating
@ alf, im a whole new world to you by myself...ok.....i work with that....crazy crazy crazy i like that...applause ...and thanks for the CS party...danceline party danceline and sorry, but damn u r rite u cant sing worth shit...dunno ...but do love the corn...popcorn thanks...smitten and yes, sorta like a drug, and becomes an addiction....weird though, cuz there is no fix, and i dont want to go through withdrawals ever.....cuz i am so happy, for once.....really...1st time...happy place and i give u lotz of, was gonna say loves but hell, lets just drink...drink pouring drink pouring drink pouring for you and your new flower and sunshine in ur life....buddies wish u guys the bestest...cheers ...burp...shitz...rolling on the floor laughing ok, well i am smitten....
Without the love of a woman, I feel like I a man in a cage locked behind bars, isolated from happiness.
More people reading then writing?

Smittens, don't pass out on us nowteddybear

You need to get the party started. This is your blog.
yes, totally would follow my partner to the end with a smile on my face...but can i ask how high is the cliff......sad no but i hear you, and yes, i also truly...TRULY...know the feeling of being held hostage from happiness...and it is sad but its a true genuine feeling, really is... hug so lets just drink and say fook it....drink pouring drink pouring oh and the 2 are me sorry...next time, bring ur own booze...hey, booze is not cheap.... cheers
and can i plzz ask, why is it, u want the fuking party started on ur convience....ok, im easy....drink pouring
ok, i have a question now, do u think it is possible to get divorced before you are married cuz, im thinking i might be....rolling on the floor laughing

drink pouring see, wat he puts up with...grin
Smitten, Hell's ain't gonna let you go! You will be burning there for a long time!LOL!laugh
Maybe I'll turn on the charm and see how Hell's deal with it! What'd ya think! lol!
I haven't even started using caps yet! You know when the caps come out shit is gettin' heavy! You can't handle my caps! grin

Cheers and keep your stick on the ice! LOL!
That is why I like you. You make me feel sane.
I was busy trying to work today. I was told several times I'm too expensive. I thought they were bluffing, they weren't.crying

I guess my intuition if fooked up again.

I'm still holding out thinking they may come back on my terms. They showed me their hand so I know there is a chance. Fools.
smittens. Love like you have no heart to break. And then if it gets broken, just deal with it. At least you'll know you tried your best.
its great to be sane mikey...look watch me dance...crazy crazy crazy ...wait, hold up here...rose in teeth drink pouring sorry tripped on my straw...ok...lets dance again...crazy crazy crazy ok. we are so diverting from topic here...love...heart wings makes the world go ...wait...drink pouring round......teddybear
"round". lol. They call that "dry" humor.rolling on the floor laughing

I feel like starting some trouble. I want to see what it feels like to get banded.grin
I sure hope my jaillovebird writes back to me again. I don't know how many more injuries I can sustain from this horse and still be able to drag myself back up on her.
mikey, ok i know sometimes i come across as shits and giggles but truly, i also read into wat everyone is saying...i do...there is 2 of me, no 3...shit 5....dunno damn why cant i be serious...like wtf...dunno but it took me a very long, long time to find wat i have, i love my man so much, he is my everything....but prior and still today, shit is thrown at us, and it sucks, but i know u hate postive affirmations, but, things to work out......my daughter is 18, my wisdom i hope she carries with her, cuz we have struggled in the past, is life does work out, has too, and we have no choice but to make it work....and we have but we still do everyday, cuz life throws us curves and i personally fuking hate that.....but in the end it all works...love, money, family relaions, sadness, anger, hopelessnes, being stuck on stupid....eventually we massage out those bumps to create a smooth path.....hard..yes, worth..??..never know...but i just believe everything always works out..........ok, i just dont know wat the fuk i said there.....so...drink pouring
woody, sweetz, u cant even use emoticonz how the hell are u gonna use caps....rolling on the floor laughing


and dealing with hell, thinking not one u one to play with, but i havent told him yet ur my twin brother.. hole so thinking once he knows we all good to go....cheers

omg......i am so getting divorced today....rolling on the floor laughing
I agree with everything you just said....hug
I think you should hook up with sherwood. Sherwoods looks and talks a lot smarter too.
so since we are on the topic of "love" mikey...may i ask, ur "jaillovebird"...how does she fit in ur world...cheers
hook-up with woody....confused hes my twin, mike where have u been....and if u think he is prettier than me and smarter, u date him...grin
and mr. mikey..that who i know rite know wats to get busy...boxing cuz u are in the mood to be play.....angry are we today, frustrated, fed up...not sure....but thinking, ur feeling a wittle bit out of sorts...drink? drink pouring...and in my world, woody rockz, love him as a buddy, brother, hes a good shit, my baby on the other hand, hell....omgggggggg...no words, hes my baby...... happy place and least hes not in jail...doh
devil check out baby boy blogangel
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