am i guilty?

i've been thinking recently...
my x-bf break me up, he said "u r beautiful, smart, *bla...bla...bla...* u can find another not even worth for u" and then he choose another girlvery mad
months ago, i met a guy, he is my old friend...were met accidentally, and then were date...2 months ago, he went to france..he will study in paris for 2-3 years before he left he said "jess, u r beautiful, smart, bla...blaa...blaa *feels like deja vu* i'll be in france about 3 can u wait for me...blaa blaa...u can find another man who worth more than me"doh
okay thank u for youur compliment, but if all guys talk to me like can i got a boyfriend??frustrated
am i must be stupid, silly, ugly, and nerd to have a boyfriendmoping moping
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Some guys might just simply feel that they are not good enough to be with a model.

Some simply cant get the courage to talk too a good looking woman in the first place,

Maybe they really felt they were not good enough!!
And with that being said they would have been true to you regardless, in saying you will find someone else!
But Who Knows,...Really!
Ugly not at all,

Nerdy and stupid I have no idea about. Umm .... from my EXTENSIVE experience with women, all beautiful women get a bf of some sort so I guess u'll get one too.

10kohm is right. Why worry about it. With your looks you can find a new boyfriend everyday.
Hang in there mr. Right is out there
Well, that line is often used to break off with someone, "you deserve better than me," and since no one here really knows you or what happened with your boyfriends, all that can be posted here are guesses.

You are very beautiful, and some men may feel insecure and jealous, so you need a man who is confident in himself and secure in your love, not minding all the competition.

Somehow I also get the vibe that you need to come into your own independence...a strong woman in your own right. Your profile mentions standing under another's like to be adored but they also want a partner. You are only 20 and all relationships are learning happy in yourself and you will draw the right people to you. bouquet
Thank u for all comment :)
Yeah after all I'm still 20 *but in july I'll be 21* I know my mr. Right was out there and I'm gonna find a better man :) but til when?
Everybody think in every must be me the one who cheated or doing something wrong to my bf...but I guess its not 100% true.
Go look in the mirror, See how pretty u are!!

Than realize that this is probally a pale comparsion to how much is inside, Than You will see that you have so much too offer.

Like you said you are young, There is plenty of time to choose a man thats right!
try and move on, It dont really matter what hapened to the past!!
Regardless why u can only change the future!
Take care.
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