Thankyou for the advice..

To all that gave me imput on the "drinker" It has helped so much to stand on the outside and look in..I am happy to say that he has not touched the "hard core" for just over a yeh he had 2 a day..

I know that I cannot help him..but only stand by his side, offer advice etc..last night I watched from a distance as he cry for his son..One cannot understnd the pain unless you have had a loss too...

My heart goes out to him..but each one of us should learn to deal with pain best as we can..

I really do enjoy asking YOU..the READER for advice, especially when the problem is far greater than again I would like to say that I really do apprecialte the imput..

Kind Regards

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I hate to tell you this but.......

I doubt very much that he's only having two beers a day.

Alcoholics are experts at deception and will top up enough to stay in their comfort zone. More than likely there's a drop stashed away somewhere. Act now...... and get him off to AA; then a doctor to treat his depression.

Good luck.
As a recovering alcoholic, I agree with BillyFatwas. We are experts at deception. I sincerely hope you are seeing what is, but doubt it. Encourage, but don't nag to get him to AA. Then by all means, get him to a doctor for depression. Keep in mind, however, he will have to want to or nothing will work. Good luck.
I lived with an alcoholic wife for 43 years and there was never a time when she thought she has a drinking problem. Even the times when I had to go out for a quart of beer in the morning for her to sober up with did not ring a bell in her head. Any compulsion is bad but Alcohol and Cigarettes are so accepted in the world it is hard for an addict to accept it is bad. I feel for you and the stress this puts on your relationship but any nagging you may do only reinforces his feelings that you are not on his side. He has a sickness and only he can decide something must be done about it.
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