Men giving restitution to single pregnant women

Be warned. The woman may love you simply because she is seeking support. She may even change back to her old evil ways after you have fallen for her and the baby has grown. Men, could also be seeking the magic found by those being who have been intimate with a pregnant woman. I hear it's great fun, rite?
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Yea. I know that. As a teenager i heard girls older than me spoke of secret things they do with the baby's father, even while they have someone new and i wondered "if the child's father is so important why did they part?" I developed a fear for women who has already given birth for someone else because of this. baby father always seem to have claws in the relationship and not only is he the baby's father but also the babyfather as a title. therefore i swore never to get involve with one. Later i took a woman with a two years old child. she didnt know i wasn't her father till she was ten. by the time she got to 14 i couldn't talk to her. she fought me on many occasions and even drew my blood and when at 17.5 i asked that she leave the house, the mother went with her.
Oh, Sampe! I hope you din't change your good heart towards women with children, however I thank you for telling the story that just proves me almost correct.
help could you define "her old evil ways"? Yes, it's magic to be pregnant and intimate with the father of the child. I feel it's you trying to make fun of it. What's your issue with pregnant women and single mothers anyway and what can we do for you to help you getting over it? dunno
Angelin please stop! Why is people like you not smart enough to undestand that my blogs are personal. They are about issues surrounding dating which we all here for.
Kizzy its people like you that brings that out in me. When you click to people's blogs it should be you interested in the topic. People should actually click to see your 3line blog and tell if you could even be close to qualifying thinking of my problems. You rather think of a proper blog for yourself than playing ms know it all with me, ms attention seeker!scold
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