in your words, what do u think is the purpose of man of earth, cos i cant just dig this "LIFE & DEATH" story........ OR do u believe in re-incarnation????????

pls i need your views...........

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Well I don't know about this re-incarnation business..... but if it's true......

and after reading recently a blog about pregnancy and labour...

I sure as hell I hope I come back as a bloke!! rolling on the floor laughing
I think the purpose of life is just to live in your own way. To find your own meaning to everything. To explore and experience what life has in store. To take note what you've learned and see what else is beyond what you see now. and what's the point in valuing life, if we're not going to die tomorrow?
confused confused confused conversing
For me, the purpose of life is God! And, no. I do not believe in reincarnation nor have I read "Life & Death".
I have given up looking for the PURPOSE TO LIFE but my purpose is to put something back into the pot of life when I can, because we all need something on our lifes path. If we all just took then life would dry up. Also live it fully or what a waste if we just kept searching for a reason, for it all. teddybear
well .... to have some hard time maybe?
You either live for yourself or for a purpose greater than yourself.

Egocentricity never solved any of the world's problems, only contributed to them.

I highly doubt we have more than one life; we have trouble with only one of them. laugh bouquet
I think it's a rather naive question and an ignorant desire to know cause where you find the answers to all of man's questions persons too often fail to look. and when told they brush aside as foolish worshiping the creator daily and abiding by his laws. that's the purpose of life. I have heard talk show host saying on the radio that three quarter of the bible is rubbish and minutes later admitting she has never read it because she don't have the time. but one day she will have to find the time. seek God while he may be found. no-one is here by accident.
keeping your head up.
There is no mistake about this:
There is no incarnation for humans.
There is only one incarnation of God; no 10 or 11 avataras (incarnations) of God.
There is resurrection for ALL human beings...right from Adam to the last human being born till the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Those who are living when He comes will NOT taste death.
And now, the purpose of life: Lucifer and angels disappointed God by their dishonest fellowship.
God created the whole universe and created(made) the first man Adam for the same purpose...fellowship. God used to visit Adam and Eve every single evening until THEY disappointed HIM. But God wants man to return to His fellowship.
A disobedient(sinner)person cannot be a friend with God. So the sinner has to be cleansed and become holy before he can continue his fellowship with God.
Here comes the incarnation of God...we named Him Christ. He cleanses us with His blood and makes us holy. Now we are ready to continue with God.
We are not ours! We cannot live as we like. Though God gave us a FREE WILL, if we abuse/misuse it, we will be punished. Result: eternal separation from God.
May God bless you Umeakuka and ALL who read this.
thanx Dannie
Every adult shapes the world into which his children are born, that is the purpose of life, to procreate and nurture is the purpose of life.
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