How to line them up! ..PART ONE

Over the last year i have read a lot of comments from guys looking to improve their style....

and single guys .... like to review a selection .. and want to move into relationships slowly in terms of committment blues

but quickly in terms of contact....thus .. many poor relationships develope and regret enters as a part of the foundation

the first thing to remember is to always act like a gentleman but do not forget to put the MAN....into it!

that means many things ..including respect for her as a person and her sexuality ...doh

depending on what your looking honest with your self... and actualize your hearts desire.... focus your efforts on those kinds of woman you most want to attract...

and most important in this first part,., improve yourself...
focus on your manhood . . assume those qualities most desirable . by your target profilescheers

happy hunting

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Good blog mate.thumbs up

But can some leopards change their spots?dunno

no they can not change thier spots

but ....boys can become MENhandshake cheers
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