college life is the best part of lifedancing dancing
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for me the precondition is, a good college you are fond of...otherwise
depends what course u're following right now ...

Engineering wasn't that fun ... its too busy... makes u lose a lot on life. ):
I thought it sucked, but I wasn't socially prepared for it. I still wouldn't be. I don't like "authority" or "institutions" that try to control me. Either way, I see it as a place for those that like to follow, not lead, on an individual level.

But I would still STONGLY encourage a youngster to go, including if I had a child...It's not an easy life providing for yourself, unable to accept direction, but some of us have no choice. It's in the wiring.
But there is a dirty side to "college" too. It's big business. Huge. But if you mention it, your labeled the antichrist.
I am supposed to tell u it was all worth the hassel too.
Acquiring knowledge is never a waste. For me it has entertainment value as well. Hard to put a price on it's value sometimes, and it's not always in dollars and cents, but it's never a waste. I just think some people are talked into it by "salesmen", promising it to be a cure all, if you just sign on the bottom line. Lot's of money on the line in these business deals. Most of my siblings have gone to college and it has been a good financial investment for them. I have a couple that it hasn't, but when I visit with them, I can see no difference in their "value" as a human being.

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