Fleecing the American People:

When the Climate Gate e-mails came out in November, they basically derailed BP’s program by exposing the fact that the government is using environmentalism as a way to enslave people & take over society & as a means of micro-managing everyone. So, BP is definitely promoting carbon tax. One cannot go anywhere without seeing BP’s promotional campaign. It is literally everywhere: it’s in magazines, on radio show, television; every where one looks BP is promoting carbon tax & world government. BP has invested tens of millions of dollars in the last decade in promoting quote: GREEN ENERGY. Because BP wants take control over that whole new area of the economy. They lay out the new infrastructure. They own the new infrastructure. And it is all about fleecing the American people. It actually has nothing to do with the environment. But their whole agenda is in trouble. BP is one of the biggest contributors to Obama. At first, everyone thought this was probably just a regular oil spill, but then we saw Obama blocking the response. BP was also blocking the states, individuals, corporations, & foreign governments who wanted to come in & help. We saw them blocking the estuaries, rivers, & wetlands. So they have the motive. They want the carbon tax. They ordered people on the well to do things they knew would cause it to explode & create a giant leak.
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