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If people actually got to know someone before they were judged, do you think there'd be a better reception to the person as well as a postive outcome? .. people should just learn to relax man, nobodys perfect. There's more crazier shit happening in the world to be judgemental of one another, but hey, it does happen. This is just a post for those who understand where i'm coming from, and for those who takes each day as it comes without any regrets even tho the road is hard. Don't let anything big or small try ruin your day, deep breaths, relax and start again. Smile, coz you don't know, but someone maybe falling in love with it.
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Good comment CasualOne..... People are so quick to judge others and be critical of others, before they even get to know them...
As you say, people should just relax and chill out.... None of us is perfect so we have no right to dictate to anyone on how to live their lives!!!
when people meet..they try to make a quick judgement...they put you in a certain box and leave you there...you have to talk your way out of it...guilty until proven innocent..you are sized up in seconds flat..you may be the direct opposite..no matter..i take it slow and ask questions or just listen...your style is going to turn some on and others off..
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