Men seeking Women,women profile keep men smiling, but when men approach women for what thier profile is like, is like you deep an iron in water, what happen when you deep an iron in water is silence, women never respond to approaches,they become silence as any thing, if we look at a close view of what am saying, we can end up saying maybe men never approach women. am still doubting why women fail to respond to men.
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Maybe you tried to approach the wrong women!!
Keep walking...!!!cheers handshake
I do respond to men who send me a flower or mail. Don't assume all women are alike.
some people just don't never learn it is true woman like to post
profile of her self but that only to have some of us men respond
the reason most woman be come silence is because she was never really serious about what she had written in her profile in the first place stop puting all of your trust in to what woman have in her profile some time she don't even know her self,rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Some women aren't interested in anything serious they prefer to play mind games as it gives their otherwise boring lives a sense of excitement,sadly many men are guinea pigs to these socially warped and twisted experiments.

Luckily not all women choose not to respond and some are quite sincere and interesting when they do choose to communicate and maintain communication,relationships and friendships have always been something confusing to both men and women.

In my personal opinion I would simply say the following:
Either they are into you or they ain't,those that are they are the lucky ones the ones that aren't interested well it's their loss.

Good luck Amigo!thumbs up
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