A Great Deception

The President doesn’t really make decisions at all. Obama is merely the CEO of the British owned corporation we call America. Obama’s agenda is crafted by the actual owners of America, like BP, Goldman Sacks, Halliburton, GE, etc. Therefore, Obama must carry out the orders he receives from those who hold stock in America. His job is to sell the decisions they make to the America sheeple, who have been programmed, from the very beginning, to believe that they are the ones who are in charge of America. But the truth is, America never was INDEPENDENT. America lost whatever independence it had when the South fell. You see it was the Southland that stood up to the wigs, to parliament, in the North. It was the Crown who appointed Abraham Lincoln to establish the federal government. It was the Crown that wanted States Rights abolished in order to consolidate its power. Abraham Lincoln was just another Obama. He came from nowhere, & he had done nothing, just like Obama. The South had its guns, & its State ran militias. Each State held the individual power of a monarchy. Although his-story, the tale the victors want you to believe, hails Lincoln as a great liberator & champion of freedom, nothing could be further from the truth. Abraham Lincoln was a fascist swine just like Obama. The real HEROS where those honorable men of the South who dared defy the Great Britannia. But all the sheeple are allowed to see on any his-story channel is the Union Army fighting to free the slaves. It is for this reason that I say SCHOOLS PRODUCE FOOLS! So the Blue coats were actually the red coats imposing the Crown’s imperialistic rule on a few rogue States, who enjoyed being free so much that they were willing to die for it. So the South was not merely fighting against the North, it was also fighting against the whole of the European Kings & Queens. Once again we will see the consolidation of powers. Obama will hand over our national sovereignty to the World State. Understand this, there is NO ONE who will come to the rescue.

Now, ooby dooby, if you wanna know who the source is on this one, it’s ME b*tch!
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