Forgive And Forget

To forgive and forget
That's how to get thru.
Those stormy kind of moment's
Between me and you.
It's funny we do know
Right from wrong.
But sad because we can't
Be spiritually strong.
I blame you
Then you blame me.
Until we are strong
We can't be spiritually free.
There are special day's
When we sample the pot.
Then there are day's
When we don't have a'lot.
This is my prayer
For Tonya and Bill.
I pray for God's Grace
And his blessing's to fulfill.

William Luciano
Copyright 1992

Although I”ve dubbed this as a Prayer for Me and Mine I Pray that if you see a little of yourself here consider it yours as well. All apologies yet I feel strongly that this has little of everyone. Read twice and call me in the morning. Bill [email protected]
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