Honest and compasionate men?????

I am still wondering where all the good and honest and compassionate men are all at? I know they are out there and I will just have to keep looking. I don't like being alone and wish for that special man to come along who will be a one woman man!
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I'm here!! I'm here!!!

Don't u see me???

We are every where,but just like a lot of ladies we have had the s it! kicked out of us and are very weary.But here I am up for it again,much more wiser and a little careful but still a target.

Good luck to you and keep safe,

You've obvious the belief that there aren't any. You've to change that believe because believing is seeing. What about: " There's an abundance of honest, compassionate, x, x, x, men and my perfect match is on his way". Mean it and feel it. Say it out loud or write it down over and over. Doesn't that make you feel great?!
In the meantime best to learn to enjoy to be on your own because if you don't like your own company how's somebody else suppose to?
All the best hug
your blog represents what most women think cheers
some of us guys feel the same about gals,

Angel is right and we must change our tune if we are to find what we need.

It just so far from easy!!
Good morning to you all (Ladies and Gentlemen)

Dear Shydove03
Don't worry.
You will find many here, just be patient.!!

wine cheers handshake
hi, shydove :-) ... what you wrote is the same what innummerable women (esp. over 30) think .. all over the world .. that's not the question of belief, negative approach and/or lack of self-confidence .. it's simply result of the life experience .. and not only of your own but also of your female friends ... so, what to do? just to stay to believe you will have that special luck to meet a male diamond .. well known, how rarely the diamonds will be found
Don't worry you will find him -:)
you are loosing out on a lot of good men by blocking them out, maybe you need to get out of your parochial mindset and cast a wider net.
The good men are surrounding us. Due to the illusions we have of what they should look like or sound like we refuse ourselves to find them. If you were to start dating any guy that wanted you, youd be amazed at how the one you would've never picked is the one you'd find more compatible.
ALL >> honest and compassionate men << are considered (by most of women) weak persons so please, don't wonder !
Those women don't want normal "human" relations. They want now "use" men. The result is normal men are now hidden and looking at that "disaster". The other "modern" men just enjoy those "splendid" females.
Is what you want ?
I know these words are a bit pessimistic but I think they are also "realistic".
Just hope the situation will change for our future generations..
Sorry for my bad English.
Ahhh Mrpirate! I am not looking for a man to use. I know how it feels to be used and humiliated and robbed. I am looking for a soulmate. Someone who will love me back the same way I will love him. Dating alot is not the solution, I have tried that! That is dislustionment. I shall keep looking and believing he is out there. That special one for me. Just only ME!
Intellow Thank you. you've said it all. what you said is the key to the problem.
"start me up i'll never stop" the stones
Ex: Most women will date a tall men just because he's tall wtf.
he could be a bumm but as long as he's tall. i have live this bs all my life. i know everyone has their pref but as long as i'm the same height or taller wtf. i've seen so many profile where the women is 5 feet and she want a man 6 feet or taller. stop. once again thank you Intellowfrustrated
you are a very attractive woman, well i'm considered an attractive guy with a good heart, why is it so difficult to find an honest & compassionate woman? i know and see all the time nice looking women that are with men that are jerks and abuse them, meanwhile here i am, still.dunno
my point is sometimes the good guy doesnt get a second look or even the time of day, sometimes a woman or man will keep choosing the wrong types of people to go out with, then assume when they get hurt that all men/women are that way,"because of hard earned experience" bull'...
All I can suggest is come and experience some of us wonderful single men in the Great White North (which is actually in the 80's and 90's temperature-wise these days).
You're just in the wrong place - you should come to Malta (EU not Montana!)

some people wants to much in a man,you want him to be this you want him to have that ,i think some of you all has to make that man for yourself,you cannot get everything you want....peace
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