I found some of my old poems, This is one of my most favorite english ones. Just felt like in the mood to post it. Maybe u'll like it...

LiaR - Love is a Rose

If I’d ever compare your beauty
To something as lovely and tough,
I assure,
An ocean of roses won’t be enough.

But have a look at this tiny little rose,
If I’d care, it might overreach all those
As it grows, and grows, and grows.

Unbelievable, some kind of magic that,
As you see it once, you’ll never forget,
As you hold it once, you’ll never let it fall apart
Oh dearest rose, you’re the centre of my heart

Many people love roses
Also this one, it is true
But no one like I do
As well as I love you


© by me ;) - 20.02.2009

The german one, actually, is 3 times that long (having a different ending/meaning). Maybe I'll translate it some time...

But this way, it is much more romantic, I think.

I'm happy about any feedback...
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beautiful, i love it!!!
very nice, thank-you...happy place
Beautiful poem hug Thank you for sharing.bouquet
beautiful love your poem :}
I'm glad all of you liked it.

As I read it once again after a while, I thought, it might had become a bit too 'slushy' and that'd be the reason why the girl, who once recieved it (at the time I wrote it - the original german one), might have thought that I didn't express my own feelings in it.
But I surely did - by heart. daydream
But had to realize in the end, that I liked and wanted to be with her(unlike she wanted to), but it was no love at all. That's been some (too much) time after I had found out she's hardly ever been like I got the impression about her...

Most of all, I felt bit sad because what I wrote - tried to put so much in it - seemed to me as if it had become like 'casting pearls before swine'.

That's why I wanted to share it...
It didn't help to make me feel happier, but maybe it could make you smile a bit. :)

I guess, the message about the poem is:

It's not the size (or price) of your gift that shows how much you love one, but the size of your heart.
So, if the feeling is right - yours and his/hers - then you won't ever find a gift, which he/she wouldn't love.

Even if it's just a single, litte sad flower

I wish you find it all, you are sweet and kind. Love the poem! sad flower
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